Mayor Eric Adams slipped up and told New Yorkers exactly how he feels about their concerns

Photo by Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

New Yorkers were excited to fire former Bill de Blasio following his eight-year stint in the Mayor’s office.

But they replaced him with another radical Democrat who implemented the same failed policies.

And now Mayor Eric Adams just slipped up and told New Yorkers exactly how he feels about their concerns.

Adams said illegal aliens are coming in numbers that no one could have expected

Illegal border crossings have exploded since Biden took power. But with the expiration of Title 42 protections, it’s reaching a whole new level. Border state governors are sending illegal aliens to sanctuary cities in Democrat-run states, but those cities are running out of places to house them.

This caused officials in New York City to develop a new set of policies for housing illegal aliens. One policy that has been put into place by Mayor Eric Adams is turning public school campuses into shelters for illegal aliens to stay until they can find available housing.

He said that the numbers are overwhelming because “no one anticipated having 4,200 people come in one week to the city.” Adams said that even though New York has been “a sanctuary city for over 40 years,” this is the best that they could come up with to house the illegal aliens.

This led to widespread outrage and condemnation by parents in New York City.

Outraged parents say they are concerned their children will “get hurt”

Parents are protesting the housing of illegal aliens at their children’s schools. The demonstrations erupted this week after parents found out that their children would share the space with people from all over the world. They said that administrators should put the safety of the children first.

One parent said that “children deserve to have the academics, but how are they going to do that when our kids are having to worry about who they are around? We’re going to get hurt. And our teachers as well are having to suffer because now they are stuck in the position where they can’t even get our kids help.”

Parents gathered outside the building and chanted “safety is first,” “no shelter on school grounds,” and “gyms are for children.” One parent explained that they weren’t seeking attention or trying to create a debate around the issue, stating that “I’m not here for the politics, I’m here for our babies.”

In the face of outraged parents, Mayor Adams had nothing productive to say.

Adams said that “every city service” will suffer

Schools like PS 188 in Coney Island and PS 17 in Williamsburg canceled recess for children in order to provide free food for illegal aliens. Parents were outraged, but Mayor Adams does not have the same concerns as the parents.

Adams told NY1 News that New Yorkers should expect “every city service” to be impacted by the waves of illegal aliens. He said that even though  “none of us are comfortable with having” to house illegal aliens in public schools, it was part of their duty as a sanctuary city.

Following the outrage, Adams posted on Twitter in Spanish that the city is “giving New Yorkers—from our students to hard-working parents—the tools and support they need to succeed in their best selves.” This message could be interpreted as him telling New Yorkers that illegal aliens are the government’s top priority.

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