Mayor Eric Adams wants to pay New York City residents to house illegal immigrants in their homes

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It’s safe to say that the far-Left’s decades-long insistence that they were more compassionate than everyone else was a bluff.

That bluff has been called in a major way in recent months.

And Mayor Eric Adams wants to pay New York City residents to house illegal immigrants in their homes.

Adopt an alien for cash?

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) is floating the idea of paying New York City residents to shelter illegal immigrants in their homes.

This comes as the City is struggling to find beds for the thousands of illegal immigrants after political leaders have proclaimed for decades just how welcome they would be.

Adams proposed a “private residence” plan on Monday that would compensate local homeowners for housing the new arrivals.

In putting forth the proposal, Adams revealed that religious leaders had agreed to start housing adult males overnight at 50 churches and synagogues across the City starting in July.

“It is my vision to take the next step to these faith-based locales and then move to a private residence,” Adams said. “They have spare rooms. There are residents who are suffering right now because of economic challenges.  They have locales.”

The Mayor said that when the church-based program is fully operational, they hope to host up to 1,000 asylum seekers at a time before moving them to private residences.

But there is a snag. 

New York law requires a guest to live in a residence for 30 days before they can legally become a tenant.

“If we can find a way to get over the 30-day rule and other rules that the government has in place, we can take that $4.2 billion – $4.3 maybe now -that we potentially have to spend and put it back in the pockets of everyday New Yorkers,” Adams said.

Some homeowners called the Mayor’s plan “nuts” and half-baked.

Park Slope resident Zainab Jah said that “it would be absolute bedlam.”

Gracie Mansion has plenty of space. Will Adams lead by example?

Twitter users were less than enthusiastic about Adams’ plan, which led to outrage among residents who feel the City’s taxpayers are already overburdened by the crisis.

“Will Eric Adams set an example and house illegal immigrants in his own private residence?” one user remarked.

“Gracie Mansion can house quite a few,” another commented. “I’m sure he’s going to lead by example, isn’t he?”

“Remember when the Founders fought a revolution in part over forced quartering?” one user asked. “Was a core reason for becoming a new nation.”

During the press conference, Adams continued his pleas to the Biden administration.

This new plan comes after Adams previously said that illegal immigrants should be sent to every major city in America.

Since April of 2022, more than 70,000 illegal immigrants have arrived in New York City after Texas Governor Greg Abbott sent numerous busloads there over the past several months.

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