Meghan Markle is giddy with excitement over this bombshell tell-all about to hit the shelves

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The British Royal Family has always grabbed headlines over their various scandals and drama. 

But the public has never had such an intimate view of the Royal Family as they do now, partly thanks to several bad apples who are determined to destroy the monarchy. 

And now Meghan Markle is giddy with excitement over this bombshell tell-all about to hit the shelves. 

Meghan Markle and her “woke” supporters will not rest until the British monarchy is dissolved

There are few institutions over the course of human history as widely known, respected, and followed as the British Royal Family. 

This family brings billions of pounds to the country’s economy and represents everything British. 

Naturally, the radical Left hates this staple of British life and is determined to destroy it any chance they get. 

Although it seems highly unlikely that King Charles or his heir, William, will ever dissolve the monarchy, there are others in the Royal Family who feel a bit differently. 

Prince William’s brother, Prince Harry, and his leftist wife, Meghan Markle, have proven that they will stop at no end to unravel the monarchy. 

Last January, Prince Harry released a tell-all novel trashing King Charles and Prince William in a move that many are comparing to the actions of his mother, Princess Diana. 

Prince Harry criticizes his brother for things as petty as his bald spot but also as serious as his marriage. 

Many royal experts speculate that Harry’s wife, former B-list actress Meghan Markle, is behind all of this insanity. 

The couple reportedly have a very tense and strained relationship with the rest of their family after embarking on what the satirical American show South Park deemed as their “world wide privacy tour.”

While decrying the intrusive nature of the press, Meghan and Harry appeared on a number of talk shows, including Oprah, and accused the Royal Family of being racist, among other unfounded claims. 

“There’s no question that Harry’s tell-all memoir was a bitter pill for the Royal Family to swallow, especially for Charles and William,” royal expert Christopher Andersen told Fox News Digital. “Harry’s takedown of his brother, who comes off in the book as something of a bully, was not only personally wounding but also threatened to tarnish William and Kate [Middleton’s] pristine image.”

The Left hates everything patriotic, both in America and abroad

Overall, the British Royal Family remains very popular in Great Britain.

However, those on the Left are determined to destroy it. 

The reason behind this is quite simple.  

The monarchy is a patriotic symbol of Britain, which the Left despises. 

Similarly, the radical Left in the United States hates patriotic symbols like the American flag and Independence Day.  

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle are trying to tear down a symbol of Britain that has lasted for centuries. 

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