Megyn Kelly and Roseanne Barr will star alongside an all-star cast in this new anti-woke animated series

Stand-Up Sucks, LLC, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Left claims they look out for the best interest of women and accuse the Right of waging a so-called “war on women.”

But the Left can’t even define what a “woman” is.

And Megyn Kelly and Roseanne Barr will star alongside an all-star cast in this new anti-woke animated series.

An alternative to Hollywood elites and Big Media

The Daily Wire is no longer just for news and podcasts.

Along with being the home of everything Jordan Peterson, the right-of-center media company, co-owned by Ben Shapiro and Jeremy Boreing, has released a slew of great documentaries.

Some of their hit documentaries include Matt Walsh’s What is a Woman and Candace Owens’ Convicting a Murderer.

They’re also in the business of feature-length non-fiction films.

Some of their successful movies include Gina Carano’s Terror on the Prairie, Cary Elwes’ The Hyperions, the critically acclaimed Run Hide Fight, and the comedy spoof Lady Ballers.

Last year, they launched their Bentkey platform that features woke-free entertainment programming for young children.

The Daily Wire has even dipped their feet in the reality television judge show category with the new series, Judged by Matt Walsh.

But the Daily Wire just launched an adult cartoon series that is taking on woke academics and doing so with an all-star cast.

Mr. Birchum now streaming on the Daily Wire

From the wild, but brilliant, mind of conservative comedian Adam Carolla comes the new animated series, Mr. Birchum, streaming exclusively on the Daily Wire.

“Meet Mr. Birchum, a no-nonsense woodshop teacher at odds with his gamer son, snowflake students, and the school’s JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) officer, Karponzi,” the show’s description reads.

An email to subscribers added some more details about the main character voiced by Carolla by noting that, “Mr. Birchum is attempting to navigate a world he doesn’t understand or approve of.”

But this high school is filled with a cast of memorable characters and a slew of stars behind those characters.

Stand-up and sketch comedian, Tyler Fischer, plays Mr. Birchum’s foil, “social justice warrior” Karponzi.

Comedy legend, Roseanne Barr, plays Principal Bartles – who is just marking the days off on the calendar until she can retire and escape the school and its students.

The cast features big names from the words of political commentary, comedy, and acting.

The likes of Megyn Kelly, Sage Steele, Brett Cooper, Jay Mohr, Danny Trejo, Patrick Warburton, Rob Riggle, Alonzo Bolden, and more stars lend their voice to the cast.

The Daily Wire released the first two episodes of the new cartoon-for-adults series this Sunday and they are now available to stream online.

New episodes of Mr. Birchum will continue to be released on Sundays.

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