Megyn Kelly just sounded the alarm on the woke mob’s latest sinister scheme

Screenshot via Youtube, NBC News

Wokeness is slowly creeping into every party of society.

The Left is upending what used to be common sense.

And Megyn Kelly just sounded the alarm on the woke mob’s latest sinister scheme.

The radical transgender movement is hellbent on invading any space that was reserved for women.

A sorority became the latest example of the shocking lengths the transgender movement is taking to erase the differences between the sexes.

The chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma at the University of Wyoming was forced to accept a biological male identifying as a transgender woman into their sorority.

According to sorority members, the transgender man only occasionally wore women’s clothes and he still identified as a man on his driver’s license.

One sorority sister said that the biological male silently watched as she walked down a hallway while only wearing a towel.

Other members had numerous instances of creepy and highly inappropriate behavior towards them while he was living in the house.

The Wyoming chapter was forced to accept the transgender man because of the national organization’s gender identity rules.

The sorority claimed to be a “single-gender” organization, but its national rules say they accept members who are women and “individuals who identify as women.”

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly is leading the charge to push back against this insanity.

On her SiriusXM show, she urged women to find their voices and defend their spaces against the growing trend of biological males invading them.

“If we don’t find our voices and start speaking up against this nonsense, we can kiss every woman’s space goodbye!” a fired-up Kelly said. “We can kiss women’s rights goodbye.”

The sorority members in Wyoming filed a lawsuit against their national organization over being forced to accept a creep to live with them.

“We can kiss sororities goodbye,” Kelly continued. “We can take off our tops and our underwear and do our yoga in front of perverted men who just want to get off watching us til the cows come home. Stick your daughter in the sorority, let ‘em at her.”

She urged her listeners to take action and draw a line in the sand. 

“Find your voices, ladies and the men who support us,” Kelly added. “Otherwise, this is our future. I’m sorry. I’m done. I’m done. I don’t want to deal with this s*** at Tri Delta, Kappa Kappa Gamma, in the women’s locker room. You can be supportive of trans people and what they’re going through without surrendering to this madness!”

Kelly went over the Wyoming sorority details and concluded that the women have a sexual harassment case and that the national organization put them in danger by forcing them to live with a “pervert.”

There is no line that the radical transgender movement won’t cross in their effort to remake society. 

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