Megyn Kelly rendered MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross speechless by uttering these three words

MSNBC has obviously gone off the deep end.

The Fake News network went completely off the rails after the election of Donald Trump.

And Megyn Kelly rendered MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross speechless by uttering these three words.

MSNBC is off the rails with its radical left-wing propaganda

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews – a left-wing radical in his own right who somehow found himself appearing as a moderate in the midst of MSNBC’s adoption of extremism – was run out of town amid vague #MeToo allegations.

Matthews’s departure allowed Joy Reid to take his place, and opened up a spot for Tiffany Cross, who might just be the most unhinged leftist of all.

And former Fox News host Megyn Kelly took Cross to task for her latest ugly tirade, labeling her the “most racist person” on television.

The controversy began when Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa suffered what was reported as a back injury a couple of weeks ago, but looked like a head injury because Tagovailoa wobbled while struggling to get to his feet.

Tagovailoa passed the NFL’s concussion protocol and went back into the game.

Four days later, Tagovailoa suffered a concussion after hitting the turf hard while being sacked.

The two incidents four days apart outraged many in sports media, as well as people outside the sports world.

Tiffany Cross turns injury into race issue

Cross took the opportunity to shoehorn in a dumb commentary about race.

“To see all these black men crashing into each other with a bunch of white owners, white coaches, and the complete disregard for black bodies and black life,” Cross claimed. “I mean, it just represents a larger issue.”

But after all of Cross’ ridiculous rants, Kelly had enough and ripped Cross on her show.

“He’s not black. Hello?” Kelly began. “You dumbass, Tiffany Cross. She’s the most racist person on television. It’s amazing. Maybe she just doesn’t see color. Anyway, he’s not black, but according to her he is. Oh, and by the way, his coach isn’t white either.”

“He’s Samoan and his coach is mixed race,” she continued. “Had a white parent and a black parent. So, anyway, he’s not white. I guess in Tiffany’s world that’s white. But in any event, this person sees everything through a ‘it’s racist’ prism.”

The Left is so racist, Miami Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel was forced to produce a picture of his father to prove that he is biracial.

Cross is illustrative of MSNBC’s strategy of using racial tension to inflame every single issue for the lackluster ratings they generate.

The Left claims to want to bring the country together, but all of their actions suggest the exact opposite.

Was Megyn Kelly right to call Tiffany Cross “the most racist person on television?”