Megyn Kelly said two words to Anthony Fauci that put jaws on the floor

Anthony Fauci is resigning from his positions as Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and as Chief Medical Advisor to the President in December.

The corporate-controlled press was saddened by the news of Fauci’s retirement.

But then Megyn Kelly said two words to Anthony Fauci that put jaws on the floor.

Anthony Fauci loves the public spotlight.

After he announced his plans to step down, Fauci immediately embarked on a media tour to soak up the limelight as much as possible before his exit in December.

Fauci defends his COVID policies

Within 24 hours of his announcement, Fauci appeared for an interview on CNN’s New Day.

Fauci was asked about House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s promise to hold him accountable over his handling of the pandemic should the GOP take back the majority this fall.

“Sure, I certainly would consider that,” Fauci said when asked if he would testify before Republicans after his retirement.

As he often did during the pandemic, Fauci then blasted his critics and accused McCarthy of “character assassination.” 

“But you’ve got to remember — I believe oversight is a very important part of government structure, and I welcome it, and it can be productive,” Fauci said. “But what has happened up till now is more of a character assassination than it is oversight.”

Fauci once again confirmed that he thinks he has the right to choose whether or not to respond to a Congressional subpoena.

“So, sure, I would be happy to cooperate, so long as we make it something that is a dignified oversight, which it should be, and not just bringing up ridiculous things and attacking my character,” he said, adding “that’s not oversight.”

Megyn Kelly has two words for Fauci

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly was one of Fauci’s biggest critics in the media during the pandemic.

Kelly often uses her wildly popular show on SiriusXM, “The Megyn Kelly Show,” to point out the absurdity of Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci’s COVID tyranny.

After Dr. Fauci lectured Americans on who they could invite to their homes for Thanksgiving, Kelly ripped Fauci for acting like a tyrant.

“I’m so sick of this bull*hit,” Kelly exclaimed at the time. “These federal bureaucrats think that they can control our every move.”

And now Kelly is taking Anthony Fauci to task for pretending he has the right to decide whether or not to testify if Republicans take back power and issue him a subpoena.

“He sounds like he’s been invited to afternoon tea at one of our houses,” Kelly began. “‘I will consider it. I’ll consider it. You know, only if it’s oversight because what I experienced was personal attacks. I will go if it’s true,’” Kelly continued. 

Kelly then dropped the hammer on Fauci with two words that put jaws on the floor.

“F*ck you, Dr. Fauci,” Kelly exclaimed. “You don’t get to say whether you go — you get a Congressional subpoena, you show up, or you get the Steve Bannon treatment!”

Kelly is referring to former Trump aide Steve Bannon, who a federal jury found guilty of contempt of Congress for defying a subpoena to testify before Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 witch hunt committee.

Since Fauci is on Biden’s team, he’s not expecting to receive the same treatment as Steve Bannon.

Bannon was dragged through a kangaroo trial in Washington, D.C. with a jury pool full of Hillary Clinton donors.

But Republicans are also promising to rein in the corruption at the FBI and the DOJ.

And if the GOP takes back Congress this fall, Anthony Fauci will be held accountable.

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