Megyn Kelly took one new job that blindsided everyone

Screenshot via Youtube, NBC News

Former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly hosts one of the most popular podcasts in America.

This latest career move came as a shock.

And Megyn Kelly took one new job that blindsided everyone.

There is always controversy about who moderates GOP Presidential debates.

Conservatives grow more and more frustrated every Primary election cycle over the fact that left-wing activists pepper GOP candidates with questions about issues that the media cares about and that set them up for attack ads in the fall.

For the 2024 GOP Presidential Primary, the Republican National Committee required any media outlet televising a debate to partner with a conservative news organization.

This didn’t really pay off very well.

When NBC partnered with Salem Radio, it led to left-wing journalists Kirsten Welker – whose family donated tens of thousands of dollars to Democrats – and Lester Holt on the stage.

Vivek Ramaswamy used his answer to the first question of the debate to blast the RNC for allowing a Russian-collusion hoaxer to moderate a debate and wondered why media figures like Tucker Carlson or Joe Rogan weren’t asking the questions.

“Think about who’s moderating this debate, this should be Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan, Elon Musk. We’d have 10 times the viewership, asking questions the GOP Primary voters actually care about and bring in more people to our party. We got Kristen Welker here, you think the Democrats would actually hire Greg Gutfeld to host a Democratic debate?” Ramaswamy wondered.

“The fact of the matter, and Kristen I’m gonna use this time cause this is actually about you and the media and the corrupt media establishment, ask you the Trump-Russian-collusion hoax that you pushed on this network for years — was that real? Or was that Hillary Clinton made up disinformation? Answer the question. Go,” Ramaswamy declared.

The fourth GOP debate, which is slated for December, will feature fairer moderators.

NewsNation will televise the debate in partnership with the CW network.

For this debate, NewsNation anchor Elizabeth Vargas, Washington Free Beacon Editor in Chief Elania Johnson, and Megyn Kelly will serve as the moderators.

NewsNation tries to play it down the middle while Johnson and Kelly are figures well known in conservative media.

This debate may attract the lowest viewership due to the fact that NewsNation is a new channel and few Americans have heard of it.

However, it may feature the closest approximation to fair moderators that Republicans will see.

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