Members of Biden’s National Security Council just made a terrifying prediction about the border crisis

Record-breaking numbers of illegal aliens are flooding across the southern border.

But the situation is about to get worse.

And now members of Biden’s National Security Council just made a terrifying prediction about the border crisis.

Joe Biden started implementing his open borders agenda on his very first day in office by rolling back several policies put in place by Trump that kept illegal immigration in check.

And today, illegal aliens are flooding across the border in record-breaking numbers, with Border Patrol agents apprehending nearly 192,000 illegal aliens during the month of June alone.

Since October of 2021, which is the beginning of this fiscal year, more than 1.6 million illegal aliens have been apprehended by Border Patrol agents.

This does not include the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens who successfully cross the border every few months without getting caught.

Steve Kopits of the Princeton Policy Advisors is predicting more than 2.1 million illegal aliens to cross the border in 2022, an annual record for illegal immigration that would surpass the record set by Biden in 2021. 

Biden to end Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy

In June, the Supreme Court granted Joe Biden the authority to end the successful Remain in Mexico policy implemented by Donald Trump.

Even though the issue must first be determined by lower courts, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is promising to end the program the moment the agency is legally allowed to do so.

But not all members of the Biden administration are excited about ending Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy.

Members of Biden’s National Security Council (NSC) recently spoke anonymously to the Wall Street Journal about ending the Remain in Mexico program, which they predicted would cripple negotiations with Mexico and spur an even larger flood of illegal aliens entering the country.

“The NSC officials have cited a number of reasons for their wariness, including that they are concerned that the publicity around ending the program could attract more people to cross the border illegally,” the Wall Street Journal reported.

“Specifically, the program remains one of the only deterrent tools the administration can use to handle asylum-seeking migrants from Cuba and Venezuela, countries that aren’t taking back any deported citizens from the U.S.,” the Journal continued.

“They are also worried that ending the program entirely would upend continuing immigration negotiations with the Mexican government, which would prefer to see the program remain in place,” the Journal added.

Biden’s border crisis

Since taking office, Joe Biden has already released more than one million illegal aliens into the interior of the country.

Just in the month of May, nearly 100,000 illegal aliens were released by the Biden administration.

With the border crisis growing worse by the day, some Republican Governors are taking action at the state level against illegal immigration.

But there is only so much a Governor can do, as immigration is mostly the role of the federal government.

As long as Joe Biden and the Democrats are in charge of border security, the crisis will only grow worse.

And Biden’s border crisis now poses a threat to the safety and security of every man, woman, and child in America.

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