Merrick Garland just had a massive truth bomb dropped on him by this GOP Congressman

Out of all of the power-hungry bureaucrats destroying America from their offices in Washington, D.C., few are as despicable as Merrick Garland.  

Under Merrick Garland’s watch, the entire Department of Justice and all of its law enforcement agencies such as the FBI have become nothing more than Biden’s partisan brute squad. 

But Merrick Garland just had a massive truth bomb dropped on him by this GOP Congressman.

Merrick Garland has destroyed any and all integrity in the DOJ

At this point, it is fair to say that Merrick Garland is the worst Attorney General America has seen in decades, if ever. 

Rather than enforcing federal laws like he is supposed to, Merrick Garland and Joe Biden are using the Department of Justice to enforce their political agenda. 

The good news is that this reign of terror may be coming to an end, or at the perpetrators may be brought to account. 

On Breitbart’s News Daily podcast Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio made a shocking claim about the extent of the FBI and DOJ’s corruption. 

Rep. Jordan claimed “We’re committed to getting after that as aggressively as we can, and doing it in a way that is consistent with the Constitution.” 

Rep. Jordan went on to say, “I will just tell you what our report said, because one of the whistleblowers came to us — and it was supported by others — that the FBI leadership — again, not rank-and-file agents — but the FBI leadership, and specifically the Washington Field Office, is rotted to its core.” 

These claims from Jim Jordan are terrifying to say the very least, but are less than surprising. 

For years, Americans have suspected that the FBI is corrupt, but these claims from Jim Jordan prove it. 

The FBI does not seem concerned with enforcing federal laws and protecting Americans from human and drug trafficking, but rather trying to frame Donald Trump for some crime he did not commit. 

This is as corrupt as it gets, and Americans deserve so much better from their federal law enforcement agencies, which they are funding with their hard-earned tax dollars. 

Merrick Garland should go on trial for the damage he has done to the Department of Justice

It is impossible to honestly deny that Merrick Garland has turned the Department of Justice into Biden’s brown shirts, seeking to exact revenge on his political opponents after being denied a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court, and the reputation of the FBI has been damaged for a very long time in the public eye. 

At this point, Merrick Garland should go on trial for his flagrant misuse of federal agents. 

Not only are these resources ignoring real crimes like child sex offenders while they are trying to frame Trump, but they are also wasting millions of taxpayer dollars. 

The votes are still being tallied in dozens of close House races, but if the GOP does in fact win back the House, then investigating Merrick Garland and his bootjacks at the FBI must be a top priority for Republicans. 

The American public deserves to know why the FBI has become attack dogs for the Democrat Party rather than federal law enforcement agents protecting and serving Americans. 

Americans should know who controls the House within the next several days. 

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