Merrick Garland was frozen with fear after getting this stark warning

After years of misuse and abuse, Americans no longer trust federal law enforcement agencies.

The FBI and DOJ have all turned into political attack dogs for the Left and the White House.

But now Merrick Garland is frozen with fear after getting this stark warning.

The end may be near for the politicized FBI

Over the last couple of years or so, Joe Biden and Merrick Garland have completely misused the DOJ and the FBI.

Whether they are arresting Joe Biden’s political opponents, or targeting Donald Trump, the FBI has lost all credibility with the American public.

The good news is, there are some Americans who are fed up with this abuse of power.

One such American is Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri. 

While speaking with Sean Hannity on Fox News, Hawley was asked by Sean Hannity “Has the FBI been politicized? Is the DOJ in this country, in your view, with a raid like this, have they been weaponized?”

Senator Hawley responded with “Totally, Sean. I mean, listen, if you look at what’s going on here and you look at the fact that they’ll send a SWAT-style team to go after a Catholic pro-life activist, but at the same time there are, what, 17 or more fire-bombings of pregnancy care centers that have not — no arrests have been made.”

Hawley went on to say “If you are a conservative, if you are a person of faith, then you are going to get targeted by this administration. They will use the law against you.”

But what Josh Hawley said next will certainly make Merrick Garland and Joe Biden sweat. 

Senator Hawley went on to say “I’ll just say to those folks at the FBI and DOJ — preserve your documents right now. Don’t delete anything because the Republican Congress is coming, and we are going to hold you accountable.”

Americans deserve answers from the disastrous Joe Biden administration

 The FBI and DOJ is supposed to make America a safer place by going after criminals that are too big for local and state law enforcement.

For example the mafia, cartels, human traffickers etc.

These agencies were never intended to be used as political attack dogs, and the gross misuse of these agencies is making America a much more dangerous place. 

Merrick Garland and Joe Biden are putting lives at risk in order to play political games. 

Hopefully, if Republicans manage to win this November, America might get some answers as to why former Presidents and pro-life activists are being harassed and intimidated by the feds.

Merrick Garland deserves to be thrown in jail for his abuse of power and misuse of federal agents.

Americans deserve better and getting answers from figures like Merrick Garland must be a priority.

One thing is for sure – it will take a very long time for Americans to regain trust in the federal government’s law enforcement agencies again. 

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