Michelle Obama is refusing to campaign for Joe Biden over this personal issue with Hunter

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Outside of her husband, no Democrat is more popular or wields more influence with the Party’s base than Michelle Obama.

Regardless of your personal feelings about her, there’s simply no denying that she would be a major boost for Joe Biden’s failing campaign.

But Michelle Obama is refusing to campaign for Joe Biden over this personal issue with Hunter.

Missing in action

Throughout the past couple of months, Democrats have done everything to try and improve President Joe Biden’s lackluster approval ratings and poll numbers.

Former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, former First Lady Hillary Clinton, and virtually every other prominent Democrat has gone out of their way to support Biden’s effort.

They’ve appeared at numerous events, acted as campaign surrogates, and have pushed his message far and wide on social media and in interviews.

But while every other Democrat is going all-in on helping push President Biden across the finish line, former First Lady Michelle Obama has been noticeably missing in action.

While her husband is criss-crossing the country to help his former Vice President’s struggling campaign, the former First Lady has been nowhere to be seen.

She hasn’t appeared alongside Joe Biden or First Lady Jill Biden on the campaign trail.

As a matter of fact, she hasn’t even posted anything about Biden or his re-election efforts on social media since a mere repost of his original campaign announcement over 14 months ago.

All roads lead to Hunter Biden

According to a report from Axios, the reason she is refusing to publicly support Biden’s effort has everything to do with his son Hunter.

You see, throughout her husband’s eight years in the White House, the former First Lady developed a close friendship with Hunter Biden’s ex-wife, Kathleen Buhle.

Hunter himself noted in his memoir that Buhle and Michelle “worked out together at the gym and often had evening cocktails at the White House, at both formal and informal events.”

Of course, after enduring years of Hunter’s drug and alcohol abuse, Buhle ultimately divorced him after she discovered that he was having a rather incestuous affair with his brother’s widow, Hallie Biden.

Needless to say, that didn’t sit well with Michelle Obama.

Axios noted that matters were made worse when her husband attended a 2017 fundraiser for the Beau Biden Foundation where the Biden family, including Hunter and Hallie, who were openly dating by then, were prominently featured.

A person close to the situation told Axios that Obama described the Biden family dynamics as “weird s***.”

When will it end?

But the straw that broke the camel’s back for Michelle seems to have been the Biden family’s decision to blame Buhle “for some of the salacious details of [Hunter’s] behavior becoming public.

“The famously insular Bidens disapproved of Buhle writing the book with some unflattering details about the family, but Buhle’s defenders noted that she wrote it only after Hunter’s own book had included intimate details about their marriage and his addictions,” Axios reported.

Needless to say, the outlet noted that Michelle “privately told others that she felt Buhle had been wronged” by both Hunter and his family.

As a result, the former First Lady is seemingly continuing to hold that grudge to this day.

No matter how long she remains on the sidelines, Michelle Obama’s absence from the campaign trail will be a major problem for Joe Biden and Democrats.

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