Mike Pompeo just slammed Randi Weingarten with one comparison that left jaws on the floor

Government education has been in a downward spiral for a long time.

But now it seems someone is pouring gasoline on the fire.

And Pompeo just slammed Randi Weingarten with one comparison that left jaws on the floor.

Pompeo says that the head of America’s teachers union is worse than Xi Jinping

Former Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo is turning heads by describing the President of the American Federation of Teachers as “the most dangerous person in the world.”

In an interview with Semafor, Pompeo was discussing national security threats posed by the Chinese Communist Party but the conversation quickly turned to threats at home.

Pompeo said that people ask him who the most dangerous person is. 

He says that most people often suggest leaders like Kim Jung Un and Xi Jinping. 

But Pompeo said it was Randi Weingarten and he added “it isn’t even close.”

He went on to explain that in his view the most likely people to bring down the republic are in the institution of government education. 

“It would be teachers unions, and the filth that they’re teaching our kids, and the fact that they don’t know math and reading or writing,” Pompeo explained.

The problem isn’t just a lack of basic education but the woke culture being imposed

The American school children are falling behind other developed nations in test scores at a rapid pace in recent years. 

Pompeo attributes this to part of the problem.

But it goes beyond a lack of basic skills and even more damaging is the content being distributed to children at all levels of education.

Pompeo thinks that “if there’s something in the textbook that shouldn’t be there, it’s OK to identify that and call it out.” 

He warns though that is just “identification of a risk” and not a permanent solution.

He argues that America needs to be taking a stronger stance against things like Critical Race Theory and similar ideologies. 

These concepts are only here to create an oppressor-victim mindset and it will only lead to further division in our country.

Pompeo doesn’t want to see “seventh grade kids” growing up thinking their founded on racism

Pompeo says that American kids shouldn’t grow up following ideas like the 1619 Project and grow up believing their country was founded on racist ideas. 

He says we can’t have kids in “seventh grade deeply embedded” in an understanding that our country is evil.

If we continue down this path, then ultimately China will win. 

Pompeo says, “it’s difficult to understand how Xi Jinping’s claim that America is in decline won’t prove true.”

Weingarten hits back and says it’s about “freedom” and “democracy”

Weingarten responded to Pompeo with a post on social media. 

She claimed that they “fight for freedom, democracy, and an economy that works for all,” and that her union also won’t stand for “this kind of rhetoric and hate.”

Those are the typical talking points of a Washington, D.C. bureaucrat. 

Refer to his comments as hate and claim it’s all about a democracy and an economy that works for all.

Maybe Mike should remind her that she’s in charge of our children’s education and not the country.

Criticism doesn’t always have to be a bad thing – but unfortunately the teachers union thinks it is.

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