Mitch McConnell was sweating bullets after he took a look at these latest numbers

The GOP establishment has a way of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. 

As the Midterm elections draw near, many races across the country are shaping up to be close.

And Mitch McConnell was sweating bullets after he took a look at these latest numbers.

Democrats have been closing the gap in House and Senate races across the country. 

Fox News just released their “Power Rankings” and the numbers are looking less than ideal.

The House will likely still go Republican

On the House side, Republicans are still expected to come out on top, though not by as much as just a month ago. 

Fox’s latest rankings show the expected GOP majority shrinking from 22 seats to 16 seats. 

The latest Fox national poll now shows Democrats and Republicans tied at 41% each on a generic Congressional ballot. 

Several reasons Fox cited for the bump among Democrats is that gas prices have dropped slightly, and Biden had a “victory” in passing his grossly misnamed “Inflation Reduction Act.”

While virtually every study has shown that the “Inflation Reduction Act” will do nothing to actually curb inflation, on top of increasing taxes and spending, Democrats’ sneaky tactic of naming it as such has surely gained them some points with low information voters. 

On top of that, the Left is energized by the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision that ended federally mandated abortion-on-demand and returned the issue to the states. 

The fact is, almost nothing motivates deranged leftists more than their desire to slaughter the unborn for convenience.

Since the Dobbs ruling, several Democrats in special elections have outperformed Joe Biden’s 2020 numbers. 

Senate up for grabs

According to Fox’s ratings Democrats can expect 46 seats while Republicans can expect 49. 

Five seats are considered toss-ups, with an additional 3 in the “lean Republican” and 1 in the “lean Democrat” column. 

And the GOP establishment is already starting to make excuses for losing the Senate. 

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has publicly inferred several Republican Senate candidates as “poor quality.”

On top of that the National Republican Senatorial Committee has had lackluster fundraising so far this year. 

Of course, Mitch McConnell and other RINOs bear much of the responsibility for lack of enthusiasm among the GOP base. 

McConnell and 14 other Republicans recently joined with Democrats to pass some of the strictest federal gun control in the last several decades.

When Republicans sell out their base like this, it makes conservatives less likely to turn out for them on election day. 

Though they never admit it, establishment types like Mitch McConnell don’t really mind being in the minority. 

It gives them an excuse to do nothing. 

But this year, there is more at stake than ever when it comes to the Senate. 

Democrats have made it clear that as soon as they have the votes, they will abolish the filibuster to push through an extreme Left agenda. 

If that happens, we could see Democrats pack the courts, rig election rules in their favor, pass extreme pro-abortion legislation, and tax and spend our country into oblivion. 

A massive red wave can no longer be taken for granted. 

Republicans need to step up their game, and do so quickly. 

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