Model Paige Spiranac volunteered to do one Independence Day event that we can all get behind

Photo by cottonbro studio from Pexels

It wouldn’t be Fourth of July without a hotdog eating contest. 

Thankfully for America, the Nathan’s hot dog eating contest may get a major upgrade this year. 

And model Paige Spiranac volunteered to do one Independence Day event that we can all get behind.

Nothing beats the Summer, Fourth of July, and hotdogs

Most Americans have a fond memory of the summer. 

Kids are out of school, people start to come out of their houses, and the days are longer.

But the highlight of the summer to many is the Fourth of July. 

Nothing says America like ringing in the anniversary of our nation’s independence with expensive fireworks, backyard BBQ, and alcohol. 

Besides Christmas, there is no other holiday that has so many traditions around it in America like the Fourth of July. 

And one of those time-honored traditions is the Nathan’s hotdog eating contest. 

Leave it to America to make a tradition out of people stuffing their faces with highly processed wieners in a contest to see who can get the closest to a diabetic attack by the end of it. 

Some of its champions are as big of a household name in America as some of the top athletes in the NFL and NBA. 

Joey Chestnut, Takeru Kobayashi, and Matt Stonie are celebrities in their own right for the dominance they showed with their ability to stuff dozens of wieners down their throats. 

This year’s Nathan’s hotdog eating contest was going to feature Joey Chestnut as he went for his 17th victory. 

But fans of the Fourth of July tradition were shocked to hear the news that Joey wouldn’t be part of this year’s competition. 

Paige Spiranic replaces Joey Chestnut?

The news broke last week that Joey was disqualified from competing. 

According to Major League Eating, the organization that runs the Nathan’s hotdog eating contest, Joey had “chosen to represent a rival brand” and was banned because of his affiliation with it. 

Joey signed a marketing deal with fake meat maker Impossible Foods. 

But people have been wondering who will fill Joey’s spot at the Nathan’s hotdog eating contest?

And social media icon and golf influencer Paige Spiranac has stepped up to fill the void created by Joey’s absence in the contest. 

Paige Spiranac retweeted an article about Joey being banned from the competition with the caption, “I’m available to fill in. My record is 6.5 hotdogs in 10 minutes.”

That’s an impressive amount of hot dogs. 

But Paige later corrected herself and shared the video of her downing only half a pack of wieners. 

Nathan’s hotdog eating contest could be saved if Paige enters the competition. 

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