Monopoly isn’t just a game to Big Tech’s thought police

With over 50% of the world on social media, it was only a matter of time.

Social media has been around for a while, but the social media overlords are more than the powers that be in tech company ivory towers.

And Monopoly isn’t just a game to Big Tech’s thought police.

Social media – and its content – has fundamentally transformed how we view free speech because of big government overreach and unofficial bullying and influence on the big players.

Social media bans are not so cut and dry

Government loves to pick winners and losers with taxpayer money.

And now social media companies are in the same business of “de-platforming” public figures – including Trump.

Many have applauded and cheered on these very public bans.

Trump, Joe Rogan, and many others have been censored on these platforms.

Yes, the First Amendment protects freedom of speech from oppression, but these are private firms.

Nonetheless, hyper-political, hyper-sensitive social media giants are working in lockstep with other “mainstream” media sources that restrict conservative voices and differing viewpoints.

How Big Government has blocked the voice of individuals

Elon Musk took an interest in Twitter – and rightfully so.

He recognized that free speech across social media was being stamped out. 

And it was not just at the whims of Twitter and Facebook CEOs.

These platforms have worked in conjunction with the federal government.

Do you remember the Hunter Biden laptop story from the last Presidential election cycle?

Surprisingly, many don’t.

The story was on Facebook. 

But Facebook suppressed it and claimed it was little more than “Russian interference.”

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook restricted stories about Joe Biden’s son and very serious accusations, including sex, drugs, and rock and roll – oh, and Ukrainian energy tycoon dealings.

Why did this happen?

Facebook content managers suppressed the story based on the direction of the FBI.

It was later proven that the laptop and its emails were authentic.

But by then Joe Biden is already in office.

Mission accomplished, FBI.

As time goes on, this government interference in limiting published voices that are unfavorable to them has only increased.

Why this is a huge problem – for all Americans

Big Government has a lot of under-the-table threats they can throw at social media platforms: antitrust investigations, various prosecution, and the like.

Perhaps the worst threat of all?

Useless, counterproductive legislation.

The majority on the Hill can push for more regulatory reforms when they don’t like what they hear.

Regulation would likely take place behind closed doors with the majority in control, and with limited judicial oversight.

The huge problem is this unchecked power and influence could become normalized.

And the Biden White House has already made demands on Facebook to remove specific accounts – especially in the age of COVID-19 vaccines.

They certainly should not be influencing the public’s political and social discourse.

Really, they have zero authority to do that – but the Biden administration likes to threaten and bully these corporations that are ideologically in-line with the current regime.

This is the latest example of a growing trend.

Government cannot stop free speech on social media themselves, so the loophole is demanding social media platforms do their bidding.

And while Trump has a permanent ban on Twitter, next time it may not be such a high-profile individual.

It could be any one of us. 

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