Mothers everywhere could not believe their eyes after a Biden staffer revealed the unthinkable

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

As inflation continues to punish Americans, the Biden administration has desperately sought out other issues they think they can win on this fall. 

In many cases, Joe Biden and his administration have made radical and incendiary comments in hopes of winning over leftists. 

And mothers everywhere could not believe their eyes after a Biden staffer revealed the unthinkable.

Joe Biden and his administration will do anything to make abortion a top issue this fall

Most polls show that the vast majority of Americans do not approve of Joe Biden. 

Many Americans often cite crime, inflation, and the border crisis for their disapproval of Joe Biden.

Even more damaging for the Biden camp is that young people have moved away from the Democrat Party.

In response, Joe Biden and his team have worked tirelessly to make abortion a top issue this November. 

So called “abortion rights” or “reproductive rights” have effectively mobilized Democrats in recent elections, including in Republican-controlled states like Kansas. 

However, a top campaign official said that Joe Biden believes in legalizing abortion without limits. 

This hypothetically means that Joe Biden would support late-term abortions.

Last Wednesday on MSNBC’s broadcast of Morning Joe, Campaign Co-Chair Mitch Landrieu argued that Joe Biden “trusts the women of America to make decisions about their reproductive health.”

He then turned his focus on Donald Trump, who has repeatedly stated that he believes states should make the decision on abortion laws.

Landrieu likened this to the stance of pro-slavery advocates in the early 19th century.

According to Landrieu, “Trump wants to return it to the states, which, by the way, is the same legal argument they used to let slavery hang around for a long period of time.”

He closed his segment by saying that “the President trusts women, Donald Trump evidently trusts legislators and sheriff’s deputies more than they do women about their own reproductive health.”

He added that “I think the American people are clearly on the side of the President and Vice President’s view here.”

Although these statements echo much of what Joe Biden and his team have said for some time now, they fail to address the concerns of some regarding late-term abortions.

According to these statements, it appears that Joe Biden and his team have no issue with these sinister practices, which most developed nations have outlawed. 

Joe Biden desperately needs votes even if it means pandering to extremists 

Polls show Joe Biden has an uphill battle towards getting reelected.

Even more damaging for Joe Biden is that many left-wing extremists have turned their backs on him due to his timid support of Israel.

As a result, Joe Biden and his team have gone to great lengths to bring these radicals back into their camp, even if it means making shocking and inflammatory remarks. 

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