Mothers were horrified by Joe Biden’s latest radical remarks on abortion

There is one issue that causes the Left to get enraged more than any other and that is abortion. 

Over the years, the Left has made their support for abortion central to their identities. 

But mothers were horrified by Joe Biden’s latest radical remarks on abortion.

There is no limit to how far the Left will go when it comes to abortion

For the Left, being pro-abortion has become a sort of religion for them.

There is just something about killing unborn babies that seems to trigger something deep within them.

And every day the Left gets more and more extreme with their pro-abortion stance.

These extreme views were made very clear by the Biden administration when they claimed that there is no limit to Biden’s support for abortion. 

Recently, White House Office of Public Engagement Director Keisha Lance Bottoms went on MSNBC to discuss the White Houses support for abortion. 

When asked “Does the President, does White House believe there should be abortion available without limits in the country?” 

Lance Bottoms replied “What the President believes is that there should be a fundamental right for a woman to choose what to do with her own body and the President has said this time and time again, that there are basic, fundamental rights, access to health care, this access to health care includes women across this country.”

Even MSNBC was not satisfied with this beating around the bush, and followed up with “So, does that mean the President supports abortion at any time during the pregnancy, whether it’s three weeks or 30 weeks?”

Lance Bottoms horrifyingly replied by sayig, “What the President has said very publicly is that he supports a woman’s right to choose. I’ve never heard the President give a timeframe on that. But he has said that he believes that a woman has a fundamental right to make decisions about her own body and her healthcare choices.” 

In short, the White House is arguing that Joe Biden supports allowing abortions at any time during a pregnancy up until the moment of birth. 

Make no mistake, this is an extremely radical stance in line with China and North Korea and is absolutely depraved and horrifying. 

The White House is placing radical feminism over basic human decency

The bottom line is that late-term abortions are pure evil, no matter how hard the Left tries to justify or normalize them.

Supporting these evil procedures shows that the Left is more interested in playing politics than taking the side of basic human decency. 

A 9 month old preborn baby is essentially a breathing, crying, and living human being, and any person who thinks this human being should be ripped from a womb and slaughtered is nothing short of evil. 

The Left has no limits to how far they are willing to go, and it is crucial for people to call them out for what they are: evil. 

This November, voters must keep these horrifying statements in mind when they head to the ballot box. 

Every child deserves a chance to live.

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