Moviegoers were stunned after this woke actress said the unthinkable

Photo by Nathan Engel from Pexels

It is no secret that Hollywood has completely surrendered to the woke mob. 

Many directors are even afraid to cast white actors for fear of being labeled a “racist.”

But moviegoers were stunned after this woke actress said the unthinkable. 

The radical Left is always trying to find reasons to be outraged

In today’s world, it is virtually impossible to do anything without offending or upsetting someone. 

This is especially the case when it comes to film production, which has completely surrendered to the radical Left in recent years. 

But every once and a while, a director produces a movie that does not focus on woke themes or ideology, which sends the radical Left into a fit of rage. 

Last Friday, the highly anticipated Killers of the Flower Moon film was released, which got mixed reviews, but nonetheless saw box office success. 

Directed by Martin Scorsese, the film features actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert DeNiro and depicts a violent standoff based on a true story between Oklahoma oil drillers and Osage tribal members in the 1920’s. 

One person who was not a fan is actress Devery Jacobs, who identifies as a Native American, from the Hulu series Reservation Dogs

Last Monday, Jacobs took to X to lambast Killers of the Flower Moon.

“I HAVE THOUGHTS. I HAVE STRONG FEELINGS.  This film was painful, grueling, unrelenting, and unnecessarily graphic,” she wrote.

She then went on an entirely unhinged rant, saying that “this is the issue when non-Native directors are given the liberty to tell our stories; they center the white perspective and focus on Native people’s pain.”

She later posted on X that she hates white Oklahomans, wrote “and a massive F**k You to the real life, white Oklahomans, who still carry and benefit from these blood-stained headrights.” 

Devery Jacobs and many other members of the woke mob firmly believe that white people are not entitled to tell stories that involve other races. 

Similarly, many members of the woke mob believe that white people are directly guilty for the actions of people who lived over one hundred years ago. 

What Devery Jacobs comment reveals about the radical Left

Although Jacob’s comment sounds outrageous, the truth is that many on the Left agree with her. 

Many people like Jacobs have a deep-rooted loathing for white people and the art they create. 

The comments espoused by Jacobs on X do absolutely nothing to improve the condition of Native Americans.

Jacob’s rant will only help to sow seeds of hatred and division in an already divided country. 

The sad part is that Jacobs will likely face no backlash for these remarks, despite Hollywood claiming to be an industry that opposes racism and bigotry. 

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