Nancy Mace is in hot water because of this jaw-dropping video about sex

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RINO South Carolina Congresswoman Nancy Mace is a thorn in the side of conservatives.

But now Mace has a lot of explaining to do.

And Nancy Mace is in hot water because of this jaw-dropping video about sex.

Nancy Mace made a spectacle of herself at a prayer breakfast for Presidential candidate and South Carolina Senator Tim Scott.

The twice-divorced Mace got up before the crowd and joked about declining sex with her fiancé that morning so she could make it to the prayer breakfast on time.

Conservatives were furious that Mace would turn their values into a punchline.

“Thinking about this again. These comments just go to show how little politicians — even Republican politicians — know or care about Christianity. They have no idea the values Christians hold. They’d be aghast to know we still think sex is reserved for marriage,” commentator Allie Beth Stuckey wrote on Twitter.

But Mace did not care.

Mace’s reaction to the outrage was to continue to crack jokes about sex and church.

“My fiancé is not upset, but he did suggest I go to church twice this Sunday,” Mace snickered. “See y’all at the 8:30 and the 11:30!”

“I go to church because I’m a sinner not a saint! Glad those in attendance, including @SenatorTimScott and my pastor, took this joke in stride. Pastor Greg and I will have extra to talk about on Sunday,” Mace added.

Mace sticking her thumb in the eye of conservatives is nothing new.

After the Midterm elections, Mace blamed the disappointing outcome on Pro-Life conservatives. .

Every single media outlet eagerly put Mace on the air so she could smear Pro-Life activists as dangerous extremists.

Mace would also claim that unless Republicans support abortion on demand, they will not win national elections again.

Conservatives are fed up with Nancy Mace.

Mace barely survived a Primary challenge from a Trump-endorsed candidate in 2022.

It is highly likely that Mace will face another Primary challenge in 2024.

But if Mace keeps insulting the values of conservatives at every turn, she may not be so lucky this time.

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