Nancy Mace just committed this career-ending mistake

RINO Nancy Mace is on a media blitz.

She’ll talk to any legacy media outlet on her thoughts about the new Republican majority.

And Nancy Mace just committed this career-ending mistake.

Congresswoman Nancy Mace (R-SC) barely survived a primary challenge in 2022, after she voted to refer former Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon for criminal prosecution for defying a subpoena from the January 6 Committee.

But after narrowly winning the election, Rep. Mace decided she would become a free agent and began showing up on CNN and MSNBC to promote her pet cause of nationwide abortion on-demand.

Even though Republican Governors in Georgia, Texas, and Ohio all won decisive re-election wins after signing six-week abortion bans, Mace told an eager left-wing crew on MSNBC’s Morning Joe that Republicans lost the 2022 Midterms because they were pro-life.

“[The Republican party has] not learned from the Midterm elections, we haven’t learned post-Roe what really upsets and angers Americans,” Mace began. “I represent a swing district. When I came into Congress two years ago, I won by one point. And when my district was redrawn last year, I got a point-and-a-half better, not much of a margin. But I learned and figured out how, as a conservative, to reach out across the aisle in my first two years in office and deliver results and talk about issues that matter.”

“And the number-one issue in the swing district that I represent, of course, was inflation, but the number-two issue was abortion, and it’s an issue that Republicans didn’t do very well on this summer after Roe,” she continued.

Rep. Mace then launched into a typical RINO diatribe about how abortion was really healthcare, and used the typical pro-abortion talking point of highlighting the extremely rare cases of pregnancies that result from horrific acts, such as rape or incest, to justify massive loopholes that allow for abortion on-demand up until the moment of birth.

“I’m pro-life, but the vast majority of people in my district didn’t agree with Roe being overturned,” Mace added. “And we would hold town hall after town hall, trying to find and talk about that common ground and not racing to the fringes, and I would ask my colleagues to, you know, show some compassion to women. Show compassion, especially, to rape victims and girls who are victims of incest. We’ve got to show love and compassion even when we disagree.”

Mace complained that two of the first bills Republicans voted on was a resolution condemning left-wing domestic terrorist attacks on churches and pro-life crisis pregnancy centers, and protecting babies who are born alive after surviving an abortion.

To Nancy Mace – who falsely claims to be pro-life – this represented a descent into extremism.

“I am very worried about our agenda,” Mace whined. “I know that there are other swing district Republicans that want to stay in the majority, and we’re going to have to be vocal sooner rather than later.”

Finally, Rep. Mace – who claims she wants to help Republicans stay in the majority – offered an assist to Democrats’ efforts to regain power by boosting the lie that Republicans are extremists on abortion.

“I have a colleague in the House right now that wants to bring a bill to the floor that bans all abortions with no exceptions,” Mace said. “What are we doing here? That’s not where 90% of the country is, especially Republicans. I’ve polled the issue over and over and over again, and I would argue the vast majority, not just in my district, but across the state of South Carolina, they agree with us on this one.”

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