Nancy Mace just received the brutal piece of news that will end her career

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RINO South Carolina Congresswoman Nancy Mace has been a thorn in the side of conservatives for the last two years.

But Mace may not be a problem for much longer.

And that’s because Nancy Mace just received the brutal piece of news that will end her career.

Nancy Mace practically begged for a Primary challenger.

Ever since the 2022 Midterm elections, Mace has stepped in front of every TV camera she could find and blasted Pro-Life activists as extremists who cost the GOP the election.

Mace demanded that Republicans accept abortion on demand up until birth.

In an interview on ABC’s This Week, Mace attacked a law Ron DeSantis signed in Florida to protect life at six weeks as “the wrong message heading into ’24.”

“We’re going to lose huge if we continue down this path of extremities and find that middle ground – the vast majority of people want some sort of gestational limits, not at nine months but somewhere in the middle,” Mace added. “They want exceptions for rape and incest, they want women to have access to birth control.”

“I saw what happened after Roe v. Wade because I represent a very purple district, as purple as this dress, and I saw the sentiment change dramatically,” Mace continued. “And as Republicans, we need to read the room on this issue.”

Mace barely survived a pro-Trump Primary challenge in 2022 thanks to then-Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy pouring millions of dollars into her race.

But Mace no longer has any friends in the establishment after she voted to oust McCarthy.

Mace alienated the grassroots and the Party leadership with her conduct and now her former Chief of Staff and Trump administration official, Dan Hanlon, is weighing a Primary challenge.

“Dan Hanlon, who served as Chief of Staff to Mace until late last month, is meeting with potential donors and potential people for his team as he weighs running against her, according to two Republicans with direct knowledge who spoke on condition of anonymity. Hanlon became Mace’s chief in 2022, rising quickly to the top spot in her Hill office after serving in the Trump administration for four years,” POLITICO exclusively reported.

Unsurprisingly, Hanlon’s potential bid was well received across the Republican spectrum.

“Hanlon has been pleased with how well the idea has been received and how many people are looking for a Mace alternative, both money people in D.C. and movers and shakers in South Carolina,” a GOP source close to Hanlon told POLITICO.

It’s very rare in this day and age for the grassroots and the GOP establishment to agree on anything.

But both wings of the Party want to see Nancy Mace gone.

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