Nancy Pelosi is losing her mind about this pro-gun bill just introduced in Congress

Democrats just rammed through their biggest gun-grabbing law in American history. 

Now more extreme anti-Second Amendment bills are hitting the floor of the House of Representatives as Democrats smell blood in the water. 

But Nancy Pelosi is losing her mind about this pro-gun bill just introduced in Congress.

Democrats want only the rich to keep and bear arms

15 Turncoat Senate Republicans and 14 House Republicans worked with Democrats to ram through the largest gun-control bill in a generation that will impede on every Americans Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms. 

But that’s not enough for House Democrats. 

Democratic Rep. Don Beyer of Virginia has introduced legislation that would impose a 1,000% tax on semi-automatic weapons.

Of course, that includes a majority of all legal firearms except revolvers, derringer-style handguns, certain shotguns, and single shot pistols. 

A typical price for a pistol is around the $500 mark. 

If Beyer’s legislation were to become law, a pistol would cost about $5,000 – meaning only the extremely wealthy would be able to afford to utilize their Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. 

“Liberals’ blatant hypocrisy knows no bounds, but it isn’t enough to hide their true malicious intentions,” said GOP Rep. Andrew Clyde of Georgia. “Mark my words, today it’s weaponizing firearm taxation — tomorrow it’s fully disarming America.”

GOP fighting fire with firearms

Rep. Clyde is offering a counter piece of legislation to Rep. Beyer’s 1,000% tax on guns. 

“My legislation is an essential step forward in the fight to protect and preserve Americans’ enumerated Second Amendment rights,” Rep. Clyde said. “Thereby ensuring we maintain a safe, armed and free America.” 

Clyde just introduced a bill that would eliminate the federal excise tax on firearms. 

The bill goes a step further, also eliminating the federal tax on ammunition.

The RETURN (Repealing Excise Tax on Unalienable Rights Now) Our Constitutional Rights Act would repeal the tax levied against gun manufacturers for every firearm and all ammunition sold in the U.S.

Currently, the federal excise tax sits at 10-11%, depending on the gun. 

The Second Amendment protects the First Amendment

“Democrats gearing up to tax firearms into oblivion simultaneously enjoy the perks of armed Capitol Police — or armed private security,” Clyde said. “Of course, some of these same lawmakers also radically call to defund and dismantle our police. Furthermore, the Left is persistently using any means necessary to infringe on Americans’ Second Amendment freedoms, yet will turn around in a matter of weeks to request billions more in taxpayer dollars to provide additional arms to Ukraine. What about Americans’ safety? What about defending our liberties?” 

To Clyde’s point, House Democrats are also working on a gun-grabbing bill that would ban the import, sale, manufacture, transfer, or possession of high-capacity magazines.

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