Nancy Pelosi revealed one sick plan to kick Clarence Thomas off the Supreme Court

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Democrats want revenge on the Supreme Court.

Since the Left does not control the Court, Democrats are determined to destroy it.

And Nancy Pelosi revealed one sick plan to kick Clarence Thomas off the Supreme Court.

The conservative majority on the Supreme Court wrapped up its current term by striking down Joe Biden’s student loan bailout, upholding the First Amendment right of Christians to refuse to provide services for homosexual weddings, and ending affirmative action in college admissions.

Nancy Pelosi made no bones about the fact that Democrats intended to push for short cuts to kick conservative Justices off of the Supreme Court and install a left-wing majority.

Pelosi hinted she would be open to a court-packing scheme.

“It’s been over 150 years since we’ve had an expansion of the Court. It was in the time of Lincoln that it went up to nine. So the subject of whether that should happen is a discussion. It’s not, say, a rallying cry. But it’s a discussion. The President formed a commission, they did not recommend expansion of the Court, that shouldn’t be the end of it,” Pelosi began.

Pelosi then offered her complete and total endorsement for term limits that would force Justice Thomas to retire by citing a phony scandal dreamed up by the media to smear him as corrupt through bogus allegations that he violated the Court’s financial disclosure requirements.

“But there certainly should be term limits. There certainly should be and if nothing else, there should be some ethical rules that would be followed. I had one Justice tell me he thought the other Justices were people of integrity, like a Clarence Thomas. I’m like, get out of here,” Pelosi added.

“I think they have the opportunity to write some ethics rules for themselves. And that’s what the Chief Justice has said. We can do it ourselves. I see no action being taken there. But nonetheless, that’s what they’ve said. But I give credit to Senator Whitehouse with the majority in the Senate, he is able, in his Committee, to point out what needs to be done, to have integrity. Integrity on the Court,” Pelosi continued.

“It’s shameful how Justice Thomas and Justice Alito have been so cavalier about their violations of what would be expected of a Justice of the Supreme Court. Here we have a body chosen for life, never having to run for office, nominated, confirmed, for life, with no accountability for their ethics behavior,” Pelosi concluded.

Leftists have one very unshakeable attitude towards institutions.

And that is if the Left cannot control them, then an institution is by definition corrupt and illegitimate.

Since Democrats did not win enough elections to achieve a majority on the Supreme Court, leftists scream that the Court is losing legitimacy every time a case does not go in their favor.

Leftists are exploring possible power grabs to either seize control of the Court and expel conservative Justices or limit their ability to issue rulings that provide a check and balance on the Democrat Party’s unconstitutional socialist agenda.

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