Nancy Pelosi was humiliated at this festival when New Yorkers finally gave her what she deserved

Nancy Pelosi still sees herself as a leader in the Democrat Party. 

But when you surround yourself with cronies and “yes men,” you tend to lose touch with the outside world.

And Nancy Pelosi was humiliated at this festival when New Yorkers finally gave her what she deserved.

Global Citizen music festival had Jonas Brothers and Nancy Pelosi

Over the years, New York City has played host to the Global Citizen music festival.

The festival describes itself as an opportunity to raise awareness around various charities aimed at ending climate change and global poverty.

In the past, the festival has mainly been in New York City but has also been hosted in cities all over the world like Paris, Seoul, and Mumbai. 

When it is in New York, it’s in Central Park and it usually draws quite a large crowd. 

The concert has hosted some of the largest names in the entertainment industry like Beyonce, Queen, Janet Jackson, and Carrie Underwood, to name a few.

This year big stars such as the Jonas Brothers, Metallica, and Mariah Carey took to the stage at the music festival in Central Park.

They were joined by Nancy and Paul Pelosi.

Left-leaning New Yorkers finally give Nancy Pelosi what she deserves

Everyone knows that New York City is a predominantly Democrat electorate. 

Add a music festival called Global Citizen that is focused on climate justice, and you could expect the audience to be a little more left-leaning than other shows.

While the two took time to rub elbows with elite performers backstage, they weren’t there for the entertainment. 

The Democrat House Speaker was there to thank the crowd and to announce plans to cut carbon pollution.

In her speech she said, “thank you for your dazzling advocacy, entrepreneurial thinking, and determination as global citizens.”

She commended them and said it was thanks to Global Citizen and the audience that, “the United States recently enacted historic climate legislation,” and that “it will slash carbon pollution by 40 percent by 2030, it will give a historic, a historic $370 billion to fight the climate crisis.”

But Pelosi’s speech was cut short and received a strong rebuke from the crowd being overwhelmed by boos.

One person appeared to laugh asking, “why is everyone booing?”

Multiple clips have gone viral from the event showing a couple different angles.

It’s obvious that it wasn’t just one section of the crowd – it was everyone.

One outlet suggested she was being booed due to her husband’s DUI conviction

Daily Mail reports that many people were already eyeing Pelosi before her speech.

This was her first major appearance with her husband, Paul, since his DUI conviction earlier this year.

Paul Pelosi was arrested in May after he blew through a stop sign and hit someone driving a Jeep.

It was reported that he not only was above the legal limit but also couldn’t pass a field sobriety test.

He was later convicted and served just three days in a California jail.

Maybe Daily Mail has it right and New Yorkers see her as a “rules for thee, but not for me” politician.

But it’s probably more likely that the concert goers just wanted to listen to music and not politics.

The truth is, the radical Left has seized control of the Democrat Party and see Nancy Pelosi – a full-on socialist in her own right – as “controlled opposition” standing in the way of “progress.”

One thing is for sure, these New Yorkers gave Nancy Pelosi a taste of what Americans actually think about her and it’s about time.

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