NASCAR went woke and you won’t believe what happened next

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It appears that sports organizations are slow to learn the lesson of Bud Light.

Red state Americans are fed up with institutions fighting the Left’s culture war battles. 

But now NASCAR went woke and you won’t believe what happened next.

Sales from Bud Light look like they will never recover from the boycott over the company marketing transgenderism to young people through a disastrous decision to ink a marketing deal with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney.

The geniuses who run NASCAR seem to forget that, like Bud Light, their fanbase resides in Red states.

NASCAR strongholds are in the South, where residents respect the police and don’t take kindly to left-wing elites shoving their woke agenda down their throats.

But that is exactly what is happening now that NASCAR driver Noah Gragson is facing an indefinite suspension for liking a meme on social media that poked fun at George Floyd.

“We have made the decision to suspend Noah Gragson effective immediately regarding his actions that do not represent the values of our team,” a statement from the Legacy Motor Club announcing Gragson’s suspension read. “Josh Berry will drive the No. 42 entry for this weekend’s NASCAR Cup Series race at Michigan.”

NASCAR officials hopped on social media to virtue signal, applaud the suspension, and show the woke mob that the organization remains loyal to the Black Lives Matter movement.

“NASCAR fully supports Legacy Motor Club’s decision to suspend Noah Gragson,” NASCAR’s statement began. “Following his actions on social media, NASCAR has determined that Gragson has violated the Member Conduct section of the 2023 NASCAR Rule Book and has placed him under indefinite suspension.”

At the height of the George Floyd riots in 2020, black NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace took America for a ride with a false claim that someone hung a noose from the door of the garage where he stored his race car.

NASCAR backed Wallace to the hilt and pledged allegiance to the Black Lives Matter cause.

But it all turned out to be a hoax, as the “noose” was nothing more than the standard rope that comes attached to garage doors.

For his part, Gragson failed to adhere to the lesson that the woke mob sees apologies as weakness and will double down on the smear campaign.

“I am disappointed in myself for my lack of attention and actions on social media,” Gragson wrote. “I understand the severity of this situation. I love and appreciate everyone.”

“I try to treat everyone equally no matter who they are. I messed up plain and simple,” Gragson concluded.

NASCAR is already facing issues with keeping fans tuned in on TV and showing up to the tracks.

Going woke when your fan base is centered in the heart of Red state America is a recipe for disaster.

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