Netflix executives are in full panic mode after seeing this damning statistic

In today’s world, there is no such thing as mindless entertainment. 

Everything from children’s shows to baseball games is inundated with woke, left-wing propaganda. 

But Netflix executives are in full panic mode after seeing this damning statistic. 

The entertainment industry is putting out garbage

These days it is impossible to just sit back and enjoy a movie or sporting event. 

Just about every form of entertainment has to be chock full of woke propaganda that nobody wants to see. 

Look at the recent Buzz Lightyear kids movie.  

This movie should have done very well given the success of Toy Story, but the exact opposite happened. 

That is because Disney felt compelled to add a lesbian make out scene at the last minute, which repelled and disgusted many viewers who did not want their children exposed to such perversion. 

Needless to say, Lightyear tanked at the box office and is regarded as one of Pixar’s biggest failures.

And even without all of the woke messaging, there have been very few blockbuster movies as of late due to Hollywood’s inability to come up with something creative that people actually want to watch.

The biggest hit Hollywood has put out lately was the new Top Gun movie, which featured pro-American themes.  

This is what America wants. 

But media wokeness is not limited to Disney movies.  

Sporting events such as the Olympics, MLB, NBA, and the NFL are loaded with anti-police, and anti-American messaging. 

This rise in virtue signaling from left-wing media companies is causing more and more Americans to tune out. 

Even America’s top streaming companies are in hot water

The more “woke” streaming and entertainment companies become, the more people tune out.  

It is that simple. 

For proof, just look at a recent survey conducted by Variety magazine. 

After surveying consumer satisfaction among eight different streaming platforms, Variety found that Netflix ranked dead last in customer satisfaction. 

Yet Netflix is supposed to be the top streaming service in the world. 

The reason for this dissatisfaction is clear, Netflix is putting out complete garbage. 

Whether it is Barack Obama’s nature show, or the countless cringe-worthy political specials designed solely to bash Donald Trump and conservatives, Netflix has become nothing more than the entertainment section of State Media. 

No wonder people are sick of Netflix, and to make matters worse Netflix has announced that they will soon begin cracking down on password sharing, which nearly all of their users engage in. 

The moral of the story is that the future is not bright for Netflix. 

The future of entertainment in America

What Americans want is entertainment, not Marxist propaganda. 

The programs that do the best are the ones that make viewers feel good about being Americans, instead of trying to get viewers to hate America. 

And when it comes to sports, viewers want more action, less politics. 

The entire point of sports is to get away from the troubles of everyday life. 

If entertainment companies are smart, they will learn a few lessons from Netflix’s and Disney’s recent failures. 

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