Never-Trump RINO Lisa Murkowski just double downed on her support for Joe Biden

Over the years, conservatives have had their fair share of obstacles and challenges.

Not just from Democrats, but also from a collection of so-called “Republicans” who vote with the Democrats every chance they get. 

And now Never-Trump RINO Lisa Murkowski just doubled down on her support for Joe Biden.

Lisa Murkowski is easily worse than many Democrats

When it comes to Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski, she is easily one of the clearest examples of a RINO or Republican in Name Only. 

Over the years, Senator Murkowski has opposed Republicans nearly every step of the way and proved that she is no fan of Donald Trump. 

Murkowski once again made it clear that she is no conservative just the other day when she made a nauseating show of support for the Biden regime. 

As you may remember, Joe Biden signed a $1 trillion so-called “infrastructure” bill into law. 

A year later, there has been little to no action on infrastructure as a result of this bill, which is less than surprising for conservatives who know that bills like this are nothing more than trojan horses for the Left to spend recklessly. 

But RINO Senator Lisa Murkowski is still voicing her support for this horrible bill. 

The other day she claimed “It’s important that we need this infrastructure . . . it is funding that is coming out to the communities as we speak.” 

The good news is, Murkowski’s political days may be numbered, thanks to Kelly Tshibaka who is running to unseat Murkowski this election cycle. 

In response to Murkowski’s comments, Tshibaka argued, “You cosponsored the legislation, essentially admitting that there are significant flaws in the infrastructure bill and our ability to get access to this infrastructure.”

She then went on to say, “The 25 percent of the money that was set aside for infrastructure has actually been buried by Biden’s bureaucrats under regulations designed to kill all infrastructure.”

These remarks from Tshibaka prove why the Alaska Senate race is so important.

Entrenched incumbents like Lisa Murkowski are a disaster for Alaska and the entire nation. 

There is absolutely nothing conservative about Lisa Murkowski or anything she does. 

The over $1 trillion “infrastructure” bill that was passed last year is federal corruption at its worst and it is important for every conservative to stand their ground. 

As Tshibaka pointed out, a disgusting amount of this bill is being spent on oversight, which is a major waste of taxpayer dollars. 

If Republicans are able to take control of Congress this November then disastrous bills such as this one must come to end. 

Government spending is destroying America’s economy and is one of the top reasons that inflation has spiraled so far out of control. 

RINOs like Murkowski are dangerous.  

At least you know what to expect from a Democrat, but these RINOs are unprincipled and will do anything for money. 

The worst thing is, Murkowski and her allies have changed the voting laws in Alaska to favor a ranked choice system, which makes it even more difficult to defeat her fair and square in an election. 

That is why conservative Alaskans must turn out to vote this November for Kelly Tshibaka.

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