Never-Trumper Nicolle Wallace hurled accusations at Republicans that’ll leave you hopping mad

MSNBC has long held a major left-wing bias.

But the network has now lost all connection with reality.

And Never-Trumper Nicolle Wallace accused Republicans of something that will have you hopping mad.

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace has been on quite the transition from former President George W. Bush’s Press Secretary to an unhinged Never-Trumper is a sight to behold.

After being a spokeswoman for the War on Terror, Wallace now wants to turn the War on Terror inward on Republicans.

She even floated the idea of drone-bombing what she called “terrorist” Republicans.

So it was particularly ironic when Wallace said that conservatives were broadly accepting of political violence.

“I guess the broader landscape also includes this when Paul Pelosi was attacked, Elon Musk and Donald Trump, two Republicans or conservatives or whoever wants to claim them today with the biggest megaphones perpetuated conspiracy theories about both Paul Pelosi and the nature of the brutal attack against him, which was an assassination attempt against Speaker Pelosi who was in the Presidential line of succession,” Wallace began.

First, details about the Paul Pelosi attack remain sketchy – the attacker was a drug-addicted nudist who made hemp bracelets and was a registered member of the left-wing Green Party.

“When Congressman Scalise was tragically shot and wounded, and I remember this at the time, and I’ve gone back and checked, there was universal condemnation of political violence and a genuine rejection of anyone who would resort to violence,” Wallace continued. “That doesn’t happen on the Right, full stop. They do not reject violence. In some instances, they cheer it. In many, they instigate it.”

This is textbook projection and propaganda.

There absolutely were left-wing radicals who said that Scalise deserved what he got, cheered online and, as a matter of fact, the perpetrator was a Democrat who supported Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

Democrats complain about “overheated rhetoric,” but in advance of the charity Congressional baseball game shooting, Senator Sanders got his supporters in a lather by saying Republicans were going to “kill” Americans because of their position on healthcare.

Democrats cheered on the 2020 riots that lasted for nearly seven months.

Vice President Kamala Harris and other public figures contributed to a bail fund to free rioters from jail.

NPR platformed an author who wrote a book entitled, In Defense of Looting.

The Left also popularized the “punch a Nazi” meme, while pushing the idea that a “Nazi” is anyone to the right of RINO Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT).

A former Obama data analyst was chastised and fired for saying that riots hurt Democrats’ election chances.

Many people on the Left, including Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) daughter, laughed when Senator Rand Paul was viciously attacked by a crazed left-wing neighbor who was fueled by Democrats’ rhetoric, leaving him with broken ribs and punctured lung that nearly took his life.

Wallace herself said that former Florida Governor Jeb Bush should’ve “punched [Trump] in the face.”

Democrats are perfectly okay with political violence.

Nicolle Wallace and Democrats need to look inward if they’re concerned about condemning political violence.

Will Democrats ever condemn their Antifa terrorist foot soldiers?