New COVID policies are starting to emerge that has Anthony Fauci jumping for joy

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It has been nearly four years since the pandemic plunged the world into a frenzy. 

Fortunately, many government agencies have scrapped their COVID restrictions and mandates,  which did little to stop the spread of the virus in the first place. 

But new COVID policies are starting to emerge that has Anthony Fauci jumping for joy.

COVID is back and so are the invasive and often futile policies that accompany it

Never before in the course of modern history have millions of Americans surrendered their rights for a sense of security as quickly as they did during the COVID pandemic. 

In the blink of an eye, churches, stores, and businesses were shuttered and Americans were forced to wear masks and some were required to get vaccinated to keep their jobs. 

Over the last year or so, many of these draconian COVID policies have waned away. 

But with the emergence of a new COVID strain, many have called for the return of some of these pandemic policies. 

Although the newest strain of COVID is relatively docile according to most reports, some individuals are putting their masks back on and lining up for the newest vaccine booster. 

But in some places across America, mask mandates are coming back into fashion, and causing many Americans to panic. 

Massachusetts’ Baystate Health system is among those hospital systems across the nation that are now requiring masks for anyone entering patient rooms or care areas. 

In a statement, Massachusetts’ Baystate Health said  “we have determined that in order to protect the safety and health of our patients, visitors, and employees, we must re-institute the requirement that face masks be worn by employees and visitors in all direct patient care areas in Baystate Health hospitals and the Cancer Center, effective immediately.” 

Other hospitals and establishments across the nation have slowly started following in their footsteps, causing many Americans to wonder whether or not federal COVID policies like mask mandates for planes will return. 

The threat of new mask mandates has caused many individuals on both sides of the political aisle to retaliate.  

Senator J.D. Vance of Ohio introduced a measure called the “Freedom to Breathe Act,” which would ban any future federal mask mandates. 

Americans have every right to get nervous about new mask mandates

Regardless of what those on the Left are saying, Americans have every right to get nervous at the prospect of new COVID restrictions. 

In 2020, a number of policies were passed on the federal level and in various states and localities that violated the most basic American principles. 

Additionally, as many experts have noted, masks do not prevent the transmission and spread of the COVID virus. 

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