New York’s extreme far-left Governor is planning to drop the hammer on law-abiding residents

Despite having the strictest gun laws in the nation, states such as New York and California remain high-crime states.

That is because gun control only serves to punish law-abiding gun owners instead of the career criminals who are often committing violent gun crimes.

But that fact is not stopping New York’s far-left Governor from pushing for these new extreme, radical, and nonsensical gun control measures.

It is very sad how the Left seems to get giddy with excitement after a tragedy like the shooting that occurred in Buffalo, New York.

Rather than offer comfort to the families, and analyze how somebody who was under a microscope for his previous violent and deranged outbursts could be roaming free, the Left immediately turns to a familiar playbook of making things political.

Before even analyzing the situation, those on the far left immediately start demanding strict “gun control.”

The truth about gun control is that it almost never works.

What the far-left deems to be “common-sense gun control” is usually complete nonsense geared to punish responsible gun owners.

It should come as no surprise that these responsible gun owners almost never commit violent crimes and tend to vote conservative.

One common measure the Left likes to threaten is a so-called “assault weapons ban.”

Anybody who knows anything about guns will tell you that the term “assault weapons” itself is nonsense.

Any weapon could theoretically be deemed an assault weapon.

What the childish Left really means when they say assault weapons are guns that look extra scary to them.

And leave it to New York to lead the charge on pushing for new irrational, nonsensical gun control policies.

Immediately after the tragic shooting in Buffalo, New York deranged radical leftist Governor, Kathy Hochul, wants to expand New York’s so-called “assault weapons” ban.

What this means exactly, nobody knows.

Hochul probably does not even know herself.

This statement pledging more gun control is just a knee jerk reaction at this point.

The even sadder part of this situation is that New York state is riddled with violent crime.

Just look at New York City for example, which is seeing a surge in crime like they have never seen before.

This surge has been caused directly by a Democrats’ pro-crime approach to criminal justice, and as a result, more lives (especially black lives) are being lost than ever before.

If only the Democrats running New York state cared about these violent crimes as much as they pretend to care about this tragic mass shooting.

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