Nikki Haley just made one statement that has everyone wondering why she is running as a Republican

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The Republican Party should have a bare minimum set of beliefs that candidates are held to.

But of all the principles within the conservative movement, it looks like Nikki Haley holds none of them.

And Nikki Haley just made one statement that has everyone wondering why she is running as a Republican.

Why do some Republicans refuse to be conservative?

The point of a political party is to promote a set of principles and to push an agenda that puts those principles into action.

Unfortunately for the Republican Party, the vast majority of politicians in Washington, D.C. with an “R” next to their name have no conservative principles and refuse to do anything for the American people.

Like most politicians, they talk a big game until it’s actually time to act to protect the American people.

And as we’ve seen with previous Republican Presidential nominees, they couldn’t care less about the principles of the conservative movement.

Take Mitt Romney for example.

When Mitt Romney ran in 2012, he was put up on a pedestal as one of the most conservative candidates in the race.

He was even considered Ronald Reagan 2.0 by many within the elite class of the Republican Party.

But Donald Trump makes Mitt Romney look like nothing but a phony.

He’s almost always pushing against the American people and the conservative movement.

And more often than not, Romney cares more about working with Democrats than he does with holding the line on issues like abortion, gun rights, and foreign wars.

But now in 2023, one of the top candidates is making it clear that she is nothing but Mitt Romney 2.0.

Nikki Haley does her best Romney impression

Alabama Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville has been holding the line for the Pro-life movement against state funded abortions through the military.

In a stance few Republicans are willing to take, Senator Tuberville has been using his authority in the Senate to block military appointments and promotions until they stop funding abortions with taxpayer dollars.

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley thinks this is an awful idea.

“Have we gotten so low that this is how we have to go about stopping it?” Haley told radio host Hugh Hewitt. “I just think it shouldn’t get to this point. And you know, for my husband who’s serving overseas, and for all those military men and women, the idea that this is what they’re looking back and seeing, and this is what they are dealing with on top of the stresses of keeping themselves safe and being away from their families, it’s wrong.”

This is embarrassing for the Republican Party.

Republicans are in an all-out war with Democrats on countless issues, including the right to life.

As long as Republicans aren’t willing to push the issues, then they will continue to lose.

And Pro-Life Republicans will hopefully take Haley’s comment into consideration when they cast their Primary vote.

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