North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper just proved that the Left doesn’t care about women at all

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The Democrats have long claimed they are the Party who fights to protect the rights of women.

But the only thing they fight to protect is the radical abortion lobby.

And North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper just proved that the Left doesn’t care about women at all.

North Carolina passes HB 574 to protect women’s sports in the state

Republicans in the General Assembly of North Carolina voted on House Bill 574 earlier last month to ban people from competing in sports that don’t align with their biological sex determined at birth. The bill was a major step towards protecting the rights of women to compete in fair and honest sports.

The bill was championed by prominent college swimmer and women’s sports activist Riley Gaines, who rose to fame after denouncing transgender athlete Lia Thomas. Gaines said that the bill was a commonsense measure that should be in place to protect the integrity of women’s sports.

Gaines said that Thomas is a “biological male that went from ranking 462 at best among men the prior year to now dominating among the women.” She believes that men like Thomas shouldn’t be given the opportunity to simply change their gender identity to compete in women’s leagues.

Unfortunately for Gaines and Republicans in North Carolina, the Governor doesn’t feel the same way.

Democrat Governor Cooper says it is meant to stir up problems for “campaign purposes only”

Roy Cooper, the Democrat Governor of North Carolina, vetoed the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act after it passed the North Carolina House by a wide margin of 62-43. He said he believed that protecting women’s sports would be bad for the state’s “reputation” and “economy.”

He accused Republicans of “inflaming their political culture wars by making broad, uninformed decisions about an extremely small number” of people. But it’s Governor Cooper who is trying to protect a marginal group while hurting the rights of young females.

Cooper argued that Republicans don’t care about the rights of women to participate in fair sports, but instead were doing it for “campaign purposes only.”  He said that this was another example of conservatives in North Carolina taking over “the rights and responsibilities” of people. 

The Governor’s veto is already under fire and might not survive for long.

Women’s advocacy group says veto “proves” that Cooper doesn’t care about women

Republicans in the North Carolina General Assembly have just enough votes in both the House and the Senate to override the Governor’s veto. Groups like North Carolina Values are already pushing for the conservative lawmakers to quash Cooper’s veto.

The executive director of North Carolina Values, Tami Fitzgerald, said that “Cooper has sided with the small, but loud radical Left.” She said that her group wants to see North Carolina fight to “protect women, children, and families,” before adding that they should “swiftly override” the veto.

The Independent Women’s Voice said that Cooper was showing his cards. “This veto proves that Governor Cooper does not care about women’s equal opportunities and the safety of girls and women in North Carolina,” they said, before adding that “this is not political—this is common sense and what is right and fair.”

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