Obama stooge Eric Holder’s latest propaganda effort will leave those who care about facts seething

Democrats are scrambling for a narrative to scare voters to the polls.

They certainly cannot run on Joe Biden’s record.

Now Obama stooge Eric Holder’s latest propaganda effort will leave those who care about facts seething.

Eric Holder is attempting to undermine America’s institutions

President Joe Biden has presided over the worst inflationary crisis in a generation, and he has America on the brink of World War III.

Democrats have been forced to run away from President Biden due to his historically low approval rating.

Instead of rallying around the leftist President, Democrats are attempting to drive voter turnout by calling Republicans “fascists” who are a “threat to democracy.”

And that’s exactly the playbook former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder followed in a recent appearance on PBS.

Holder suggested that the Supreme Court was losing its legitimacy because of rulings that he and Democrats don’t like.

“[I]f this court case does win for North Carolina, the Republicans will be able to maintain power regardless of the popular vote,” PBS’ Christiane Amanpour began. “I mean, anybody maintaining power regardless of the popular vote should be of concern, I guess. And I’m wondering whether this puts America into the fast lane towards illiberal democracy. We’re seeing the same kinds of things in places like Hungary and to an extent in Poland and elsewhere.”

This is an asinine statement, particularly for a supposedly “objective,” taxpayer-funded network.

The North Carolina case in question, Moore V. Harper, deals with the issue of gerrymandering, a practice that both parties engage in.

In fact, New York Democrats gerrymandered their Congressional map so badly, the state’s left-wing Supreme Court called foul, forcing long-time incumbent Reps. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) and Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) to face-off in a heated Democrat Primary.

Also, The Washington Post gave Holder “two Pinocchios” for claiming that he opposed gerrymandering.

“[T]he danger really is that parts of the Republican Party have become comfortable with the notion that in terms of popular support, they will be a minority party that has majority power,” Holder responded. “You know, fascism rose in the 20th century in a lot of those countries — in Europe, not because fascism was strong but because the defense of democracy was weak. And unless we, in America, defend our democracy and push back against those illiberal forces, we could be in a place where we could lose our democracy.”

“It doesn’t mean we will have a dictator,” he continued. “But we could have elections every two, four, and six years – which is how they’re held in the United States – that are essentially made meaningless. And we could have minority rule in the United States. This could be a fundamentally different country if, for instance, this Independent State Legislature Doctrine is adopted by the Supreme Court.”

America was never intended to be a direct democracy – and Holder knows it

This is utter nonsense from Holder.

The Founding Fathers were against straight majority rule, which is why they set up the American republic in the way in which they did.

Democrats run up huge margins in left-wing strongholds, like New York and Los Angeles, and pretend as if the popular vote somehow represents the will of the entire country.

Also, it’s Democrats who want to censor speech, nationalize elections, pack the Supreme Court, and force people to take an experimental vaccine.

Democrats can fear-monger all they want, but they still have to contend with those pesky things called facts.

Will Democrats’ scare tactics about the supposed “end of democracy” work in the Midterms?