One Democrat strategist just revealed how the Left really feels about Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

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Most Democrat voters are not excited about Joe Biden’s re-election campaign.

Biden is already facing a couple of challengers in the Democrat Presidential Primary.

And one Democrat strategist just revealed how the Left really feels about Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Anti-establishment Democrat is gaining momentum and media recognition

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. entered the Presidential race earlier this year as a Democrat and it’s clear that the radical Left is losing their minds. Kennedy made a name for himself in recent years for questioning the establishment narrative on COVID and the pandemic.

No one expected the outsider of the Kennedy political empire to get this much traction. Recent polling shows nearly 20 percent of likely-Democrat voters support Kennedy in the Presidential Primary. This is unheard of for a candidate challenging an incumbent President from within their own Party.

The outpouring of public support has pushed him into the national media spotlight with increasing opportunities to spread his message. He recently participated in a discussion with Twitter owner Elon Musk and did a digital town hall with MSNBC’s Michael Smerconish. 

Now a recent report from The Hill is breaking down the Democrat Party’s fear of RFK  Jr.

Democrat strategist warns that attacking Kennedy Jr. is “foolish”

Democrat opponents of Kennedy describe him as a “problematic fringe candidate who freely spreads conspiracy theories.” They claim his outspoken dissent of the establishment narrative will leave him without much support from the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

Michael Ceraso, a Democrat strategist and former campaign aide to Bernie Sanders, said that this is a bad move for his Party. He said that “the Democratic Party acting smug never works,” before adding that ignoring his favorability with a large swathe of the voting block will backfire on them.

“Democrats would be foolish to mock or belittle RFK Jr.,” Ceraso said. “Every time we make fun of those who hold fringe positions, we lose.” He went on to warn Biden that he needs to “take RFK seriously.” Not taking him seriously will “create a stronger Republican Party that beats us in 2024.”

Kennedy: The DNC’s decision is “unfortunate” and they don’t look like “the good guys”

Kennedy has been pushing the establishment’s buttons and it’s clear that they don’t want to face off with him in a fair challenge. That’s why the DNC has already stated that there won’t be any debates for the Democrat primaries in 2024. They are trying to ice him out.

Kennedy Jr. responded to their decision by saying that it’s obvious they are trying to create a “rigged” Primary to keep him from removing Biden from the ticket. He said it’s “unfortunate” that the DNC “has taken the official position that there will be no debates.”

Kennedy said that the DNC is finally showing their true colors, and predicted that it won’t end well for the Party if they choose not to offer debates. “There is no time in history where the people who are censoring speech were the good guys,” he said.

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