One energy group just dropped the hammer on Joe Biden for his epic failures in this devastating ad

Every time Americans fill up their gas tank, they get a reminder of how much of a failure Joe Biden’s Presidency has been. 

Not only gas, but the price of everything has skyrocketed, with inflation over 9%. 

And one energy group just dropped the hammer on Joe Biden for his epic failures in this devastating ad.

The last time we had an inflation and energy crisis as bad as today, Jimmy Carter was President. 

The one-term President Jimmy Carter is widely viewed as one of the least successful Presidents in history. 

Just like Jimmy

Biden’s war on American energy has devastated Americans, and now one energy group is fighting back. 

A pro energy group, Power The Future, released an ad showing Jimmy Carter and Joe Biden making side-by-side statements.

The ad points out that Joe Biden is “Stealing Jimmy Carter’s homework.”

“President Biden, if you’re going to plagiarize someone else’s tired ideas, make sure it’s not from a failing student,” the ad says after playing clips of Biden and Carter talking about their respective energy agendas.

Like Biden, Jimmy Carter pushed for “Green Energy,” while allowing US domestic energy production to fall behind

Under Jimmy Carter, the US experienced an energy and inflationary crisis. 

At the end of Carter’s term, inflation reached 13%. 

With still two and a half years left in his term and inflation at 9.1%, Biden may well catch up to him. 

The ad shows Carter announcing the creation of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve followed by a clip of Joe Biden announcing that he will release a million barrels a day for six months. 

Biden’s release of oil reserves has done little to blunt the impact of high gas prices, and it certainly is not a long-term solution. 

Our reserve is at its lowest level since its creation in 1975. 

That’s not even the worst of it

What’s worse, some of the oil Biden is tapping isn’t even going to America. 

Recently, Biden sold five million barrels overseas, including some of it to a Chinese company with ties to his son, Hunter Biden. 

It is outrageous and corrupt that Biden is selling our emergency oil supply to China at a time when Americans need it most. 

In addition to their similarities on energy and inflation, both Biden and Carter have shown weakness on the world stage. 

Carter’s weakness emboldened Iran to take 52 United States diplomats and citizens hostage. 

Within less than an hour of President Ronald Reagan’s inauguration, the hostages were released. 

Likewise, while the Fake News Media tried to paint President Trump as Russia’s preferred President, it wasn’t until Biden took over that Vladimir Putin marched his troops across the Ukrainian border. 

The similarities are there, but the comparison is a bit unfair to Jimmy Carter. 

Jimmy Carter mishandled one crisis after another, while Joe Biden actually created them. 

Joe Biden was handed an energy independent country, a secure border, and one of the best economies in history. 

He destroyed it in a year. 

Here’s hoping Joe Biden follows Jimmy Carter’s footsteps by only serving one term. 

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