One famous politician just confirmed he is challenging Trump for the Republican nomination

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The 2024 Republican Primary is starting to get crowded.

But you will be laughing out loud when you hear about the next well-known politician to enter the 2024 Primary.

And one famous politician just confirmed he is challenging Trump for the Republican nomination.

Trump’s foes are lining up

Even though the 2024 election is far away, the battle for the White House has already started.

Just like back in 2016, the Republican Primary is starting to get crowded.

But everyone knows that Donald Trump is the candidate to beat this election cycle.

Trump has a very vibrant base and a good record of what he accomplished in the White House.

This is everything a candidate would want heading into a national election.

On the Republican side, Nikki Haley, Vivek Ramaswamy, and Tim Scott are running against Trump for the nomination.


Of course, no one is taking those candidates seriously, as most people see this as a two-person race between Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis.

But one candidate is about to enter the race who is either delusional or just trying to build up his name ID for his next time slot on CNN.

The next candidate expected to throw their hat into the ring is Chris Christie.

Chris Christie is going to ‘brisk walk at best’ for the Republican Presidential nomination

When you look at politicians, the last person you really think of as being a successful politician is Chris Christie.

His claim to fame is winning a Governor’s race in a very favorable Republican wave in New Jersey.

But for some reason, Christie thought he was worth more than just being the Governor of New Jersey.

And in 2016, he decided to run for the Republican Presidential nomination.

During his 2016 Presidential campaign, Chris Christie was most famous for how much of a fool he made of himself on the late-night show circuit when he did the truffle shuffle.

And after miserably failing in 2016, Christie has been looking for another opportunity to redeem himself politically.

Ever since 2020, he has been an active attack dog against Trump on ABC News and other legacy media outlets.

But now he thinks he is worthy of the Republican nomination this time around after spending nearly two years bashing former President Trump.

Prominent New Hampshire radio host Chris Ryan claimed last week that Chris Christie will be announcing his campaign in the near future.

“Scoop: Multiple sources with direct knowledge are telling me that @ChrisChristie will be announcing a run for President in the coming days,” Ryan tweeted. “The campaign will be focused on New Hampshire and will have the financial backing of Mets owner Steve Cohen, among others. #NHPolitics #FITN”


Only time will tell what happens during the Primary cycle, but no one believes Chris Christie has a real chance of winning the nomination.

Will Chris Christie win any states?