One host of The View humiliated herself with this outrageous claim about Jason Aldean’s hometown

Screen Shot via YouTube, The View

The “ladies” of The View aren’t known for their smarts or truthfulness.

But sometimes their unwillingness to do basic research backfires.

And one host of The View humiliated herself with this outrageous claim about Jason Aldean’s hometown.

The national furor over Jason Aldean’s number one song Try that in a Small Town has taken the country by storm.

“One of the most racist places in the country”

Ever since CMT decided to remove Aldean’s hit from their playlist, the American people have rallied behind the country music star.

Every political pundit and social commentator in the nation has seemingly weighed in on one side or the other.

Leftists have tried pressuring Aldean to back down and apologize for the song, while conservatives and average Americans have sprung to his defense.

Even Presidential candidates have weighed in with Donald Trump and others coming to Aldean’s defense.

For his part, Aldean is not backing down.

He gave a rousing speech at the beginning of one of his most recent concerts and was received with thunderous applause and cheers.

Meanwhile, the “ladies” of the left-wing morning talk show The View tried to weigh in on the controversy.

Co-host Sunny Hostin even made the claim that Aldean’s hometown of Macon, Georgia, is “one of the most racist places in the country.”

Hostin, we have a problem

But Hostin is flat-out wrong.

Not only that, but her claim actually could be seen by many as a slap at black Americans.

That’s because Macon, Georgia, is 54% black and only 36% white.

So if Hostin truly believes it’s one of the most racist cities in America, then she is making the claim that majority-black cities are the most racist.

Of course, The View is famous for its bizarre, false claims about anyone or anything they don’t like or agree with.

And when called out on these imbecilic comments, The View co-hostesses just laugh it off or use the usual leftist tactic of claiming they are being attacked by racists.

“Certifiable moron and lunatic”

Social media was not kind to Hostin after her remarks.

“Certifiable moron and lunatic Sunny Hostin says that Jason Aldean’s hometown Macon, GA is ‘one of the most racist places in the country.’ Macon is 54% black and 39% white,” one person wrote.

Another chimed in to say that “I do NOT understand why no one sues her for slander. She continues to ‘punch down’ …from people thrown into a news cycle, to smearing entire cities.” 

But Hostin and the others on the show are paid to smear, slander, and attack anyone who doesn’t buy into their radical socialist agenda.

Facts, science, truth, and common decency do not matter to them.

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