One IRS whistleblower admitting a stunning fact about a cover up to protect Joe Biden

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IRS whistleblowers testified to Congress about political interference from the Justice Department in the Hunter Biden investigation.

But that testimony just scratched the surface of the scandal.

And one IRS whistleblower admitted a stunning fact about a cover-up to protect Joe Biden.

IRS Special Agent Joseph Ziegler was one of the whistleblowers who testified before Congress.

Ziegler, a 13-year special agent with the IRS, is also a homosexual Democrat who is married to another man.

In his testimony, Ziegler made it clear that he did not come forward with a partisan ax to grind, but instead to call out political influence at the Department of Justice to shield Hunter and Joe Biden from accountability.

Since Democrats did not actually try to question the substance of Ziegler and fellow whistleblower Gary Shapley’s testimony, the media opted for a blackout.

MSNBC and CNN did not devote one second of live coverage to the hearing.

CBS was one of the few media outlets to cover Ziegler and Shapley’s bombshell revelations.

Correspondent Catherine Herridge interviewed Ziegler, who offered up new evidence that undercut one of the media’s prime defenses of Joe Biden.

From the start of this fiasco, the media has constantly moved the goalposts on what counts as a scandal for Biden.

Unless Republicans uncover direct evidence of criminal conduct by Biden, the press has decided that the investigation is a bust.

They don’t care about the fact that impeachment is not a legal proceeding, and Biden could have acted corruptly or unethically without breaking any laws.

Herridge got right to the point by asking Ziegler if they found evidence of wrongdoing by the President in their investigation into Hunter Biden.

“Did you uncover evidence that President Biden financially benefited from his son’s deals?” Herridge asked.

“I don’t feel comfortable answering that question,” Ziegler responded.

Ziegler explained that any time investigators tried to examine Joe Biden‘s involvement in Hunter’s schemes, they faced roadblock after roadblock and were told not to ask questions about Joe Biden.

“Any time we potentially wanted to go down the road of asking questions related to the President, it was, ‘that’s going to take too [many] approvals. We can’t ask those questions.’ And it created an environment that was very hard to deal with,” Ziegler added.

 “It’s a politically sensitive case, wouldn’t it require additional approvals?” Herridge followed up.

 “Yes, I do understand that aspect. But it would be like, ‘well, let’s think about it, let’s put that on the back burner,’” Ziegler continued.

The media continues to claim that the GOP hearing did not turn up any direct evidence implicating Joe Biden in a crime.

However, one of the main takeaways from this story was the fact that the Department of Justice obstructed any efforts to investigate Joe Biden, which prevented investigators from uncovering evidence that could incriminate the President.

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