One leftist magazine has figured out a totalitarian way to bust the homeschool boom

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Left-wing indoctrination is running rampant in government-run schools. 

Parents have responded by pulling their kids out of brainwashing classrooms. 

But now one leftist magazine has figured out a totalitarian way to bust the homeschool boom. 

The Left’s control of education is in danger 

For decades, Democrats have relied on government-run schools to indoctrinate and train the next generation of left-wing activists.

However, one of the only silver linings of the COVID pandemic restrictions was that parents from coast-to-coast saw the woke propaganda firsthand.

The pandemic regulations that forced students out of the classroom helped expedite the flight away from so-called “public” schools.

According to the Urban Institute, there was a 30% increase in homeschooling in the United States during the pandemic.

Meanwhile, the Household Pulse Survey found that about 5.5% of students nationwide are now homeschooled.

Homeschooling offers many attractive benefits. 

First, homeschool students perform better than their government-run school peers. 

The National Home Education Research Institute found that home learners score on average about 15-to-25 points higher than government-run school students on standardized academic achievement tests. 

They also score higher on the SAT and ACT exams. 

Second, homeschooling allows parents to spend more time with their children, which is something that is sorely needed in today’s society. 

And third, it prevents woke brainwashing from infecting your child. 

But the increase in homeschooling is a threat to the Left’s control over academia.

It decreases the amount of new woke activists they can train and steals away their position as the new parents.  

One leftist magazine has figured out a totalitarian way to bust the homeschool boom

For those reasons, a new top priority of the radical Left is to turn around the growing trend toward homeschooling. 

That’s why the magazine Scientific American is calling for changes to homeschooling that basically defeat the purpose of home learning to begin with. 

Earlier this month, Scientific American sent out a newsletter calling for the Department of Education to federally regulate homeschools and check in more frequently on parents and children. 

Scientific American wants the government to run background checks on parents who homeschool their children. 

“Parents are not required to have an education themselves to direct instruction, and in most states, no one checks to see that children are receiving an education at all,” the newsletter inaccurately claimed. “In the worst cases, homeschooling can hide abuse.”

What exactly is the fear here that background checks would alleviate? 

Are leftists suggesting parents are putting their kids in physical, mental, or sexual danger by teaching them at home? 

Could it be any worse than the long list of teachers at government-run schools who have slept with their students? 

Or is the background check requirement simply a ruse to compile a government-maintained database of conservative parents? 

One thing is clear.

Leftists see the growth of homeschooling as a problem and they’re searching for a way to get young children out of the home and away from their parents. 

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