One legendary rapper just put Joe Biden in his place with this election remark

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For decades, Democrats have relied on ethnic minorities, young people, and women for electoral success. 

Every path to victory for Democrats this year requires exceptional results from these voting blocs. 

But one legendary rapper just put Joe Biden in his place with this election remark. 

Black voters could decide the Presidential election this November 

Democrats depend on black voters, Hispanic voters, women, and young people in order to win elections.

However, polls have shown that some of these demographic groups have started to turn their backs on Joe Biden and his allies. 

Black male voters in particular are shifting from Joe Biden and the Democrat Party. 

Even a small shift in the black male vote from Joe Biden to Donald Trump could destroy his reelection chances. 

Last Wednesday, prolific rapper Curtis Jackson, better known as 50 Cent, shed some light on this interesting shift to Donald Trump. 

50 Cent met with a bipartisan delegation of lawmakers on Capitol Hill to advocate for black business owners in particular.

Following the meeting, 50 Cent spoke to reporters and told the press that “my experience here has been great.” 

“I went to talk to them about economic opportunities for everybody, and it’s really exciting. The response I got makes me feel like there’s bright days ahead of us,” the music legend added. 

Following the press conference, a reporter asked 50 Cent where he sees most black men standing in the lead up to Election Day. 

I see them identifying with Trump,” 50 Cent replied. 

“Why do you say that?” the reporter replied.

“They have RICO charges,” he said in reference to the racketeering charges filed against Donald Trump last August. 

Although these remarks surprised many, 50 Cent has publicly praised Donald Trump in the past. 

Prior to the 2020 election, 50 Cent voiced his support for Trump and criticized Joe Biden’s proposed tax plan.

He said he might have to change his name to “20 Cent” if it passed. 

Last February, in response to New York City mayor Eric Adam’s plan to distribute $53 million in prepaid credit cards to illegal aliens across the Big Apple, 50 Cent suggested that “maybe Trump is the answer.” 

Democrats have every reason to worry  

As it stands, polls show that Donald Trump has a slight lead over Joe Biden nationwide. 

That lead increases in many of the crucial swing states, including Nevada, Georgia, and North Carolina. 

Although the outcome of the Presidential race remains uncertain, experts agree that a close election is very likely. 

If Democrats cannot get enough black voters to support them this November, then Donald Trump should have no problem winning re-election. 

Donald Trump will likely not win the majority of black voters, but even a small shift in his favor could make the difference. 

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