One Major League villain just stunned the baseball world with this shocking announcement

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Most Major League Baseball teams have made it through one-third of their games this season. 

Some teams, such as the Atlanta Braves, have been forced to deal with major injuries while others are looking to cruise into the All-Star break.

One Major League villain just stunned the baseball world with this shocking announcement. 

Angel Hernandez has finally called it quits after decades of turmoil 

Like many other athletes, professional baseball players spend mind-boggling amounts of time practicing.

Pitchers and batters prepare with the tendencies of various umpires in mind, as many call strikes and balls a bit differently. 

But given how much an umpire can change within a single game, no amount of practice can truly prepare players for the real thing.   

Since calling his first game in 1991, Major League Baseball Umpire Angel Hernandez has earned a reputation as the sport’s most controversial official. 

On Sunday, Angel Hernandez unexpectedly announced his retirement from Major League Baseball.

The retirement is effective immediately. 

This announcement came as a complete shock to baseball fans, who have collective disdain for Angel Hernandez for what many view as poor play-calling and a no-nonsense attitude. 

Angel Hernandez released a press statement on Sunday that said “starting with my first Major League game in 1991, I have had the very good experience of living out my childhood dream of umpiring in the major leagues.”

“There is nothing better than working at a profession that you enjoy,” he added. “I treasured the camaraderie of my colleagues and the friendships I have made along the way, including our locker room attendants in all the various cities.”

Angel Hernandez then explained why he decided to abruptly retire.

He said that “I have decided that I want to spend more time with my family. Needless to say, there have been many positive changes in the game of baseball since I first entered the profession. This includes the expansion and promotion of minorities. “

“I am proud that I was able to be an active participant in that goal while being a Major League umpire,” the veteran umpire added. 

Throughout his career, Angel Hernandez has come under fire for his tendency to miss calls. 

Earlier this year, Angel Hernandez called 10 pitches as strikes despite being thrown way outside of the strike zone.  

Three of these calls came during a single at-bat and resulted in a strikeout. 

In 2017, Angel Hernandez sued Major League Baseball for not giving him an assignment during the World Series, citing his Cuban-American race as the primary reason. 

The courts later tossed this lawsuit and the following appeal. 

Fans and players alike will not miss Angel Hernandez 

It almost goes without saying that being a Major League Baseball umpire is a thankless job at times. 

However, Angel Hernandez has made a career out of picking fights with fans, players, and coaches. 

His poor play-calling and aggressive attitude means that few will miss Angel Hernandez as he enters retirement. 

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