One of America’s top toy companies is celebrating “Pride Month” with a new line of children’s merchandise

Photo by FransA from Pexels

The Left has denied for decades that they’re attempting to radicalize children. 

But that argument gets more difficult to stomach with each passing day. 

And now one of America’s top toy companies is celebrating “Pride Month” with a new line of children’s merchandise.

Transitioning the Transformers

Millions of boys and girls in America grew up playing with G.I. Joe, Transformer, and My Little Pony toys. 

However, the company responsible for those iconic childhood favorites, Hasbro, just decided to ignore its customer base and follow in the footsteps of embattled brands like Bud Light, Nike, and Target. 

But Hasbro could soon pay the same price for putting the woke agenda ahead of its customers. 

Woke Corporations are going too far

Conservative customers finally decided to take a stand against woke corporatism when Anheuser-Busch crossed the line. 

Bud Light sales are in the toilet and Anheuser-Busch has lost nearly $30 billion in market value since entering into a sponsorship with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney.

Even though he is a man, Nike Women also made Mulvaney and his so-called “girlhood journey” the spokesperson for its line of sports bras. 

The Daily Wire obtained a leaked email that showed Nike is working on a “pioneering gender-inclusive ‘Kids One Fit’ apparel” line. 

Target is also in big trouble for donning their gay apparel line for “Pride Month.”

From mugs that read “Gender Fluid” to Satanic shirts to tuck-friendly bathing suits for children, the Target pride display featured everything a virtue signaling leftist could ever dream to have.

Concerned parents decided to “Bud Light” the retail giant that infamously kicked Salvation Army Red Kettle Santas off its properties in 2004.

Target held an emergency meeting with store managers in the southern part of the United States to discuss how to mitigate damages.

As a result of the meeting, they were instructed to move the graphic endcaps from the front of these stores to a relatively hidden spot in the back.

Furthermore, it was decided all mannequins and signage would be removed to detract from the attention.

However, the half-hearted move has not stopped the bleeding.

In fact, Target has lost more than $13 billion in market value since the controversy first broke only a few weeks ago.

And to make matters worse, KeyBanc Capital Markets has downgraded Target stock.

G(ay)I Bro?

Hasbro could find itself in the crosshairs of angry parents who are becoming increasingly more willing to vote with their wallets. 

Hasbro is celebrating “Pride Month” with a new line of children’s merchandise. 

The mega toy company is promoting gay-themed merchandise utilizing the branding of Transformers, G.I. Joe, and Dungeons & Dragons

“We take pride in creating spaces & stories for everyone, by everyone,” Hasbro tweeted.  “For those looking to support the LGBTQ+ community, you can buy an exclusive t-shirt or tote bag featuring some of your favorite Hasbro characters.”

Hasbro’s strategy is smart. 

Put Megatron on a rainbow shirt that says,“Be Proud, Be You,” and a boy will pester his mom and dad to buy the propaganda. 

Hasbro is also planning to use the revenue from the sales to teach young children how to be drag queens. 

Breitbart News reported that Hasbro, which is headquartered in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, is planning to donate the proceeds to Youth Pride RI.  

The Rhode Island organization recently held a “youth drag workshop” that taught participants how to become drag queen performers.

At the three-day event, open to children as young as 14, teenagers learned “tips and tricks to look fabulous” while performing in drag.

Hasbro crossed a huge red line.

And it could be the next company to learn the truth in the saying, “go woke, go broke.”

Will you boycott Hasbro?