One of Donald Trump’s best federal appointees can’t take one more year in Joe Biden’s administration

Facing an inflationary crisis seems increasingly likely as even the so-called “mainstream” media is starting to drop the “transitory” inflation song and dance.

Thankfully, up until now, people in the know have been able to take some comfort in having someone who fully understands what’s at stake at the helm of one critical federal agency.

However, now, one of Trump’s best federal appointees has announced she is resigning – a month after she described an unprecedented hostile takeover by Democrats.

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) Jelena McWilliams fully understands how important it is to protect Americans’ money – after all, her family lost everything when the currency collapsed in Yugoslavia.

McWilliams, who was appointed by Donald Trump to lead the FDIC in 2018, first came to America about 30 years ago so she could earn cash that was actually worth something to support her family back home.

McWilliams oversaw the part of the federal government that’s supposed to make sure the money you put in the bank is safe.

And her focus on the financial security of Americans rather than pushing the leftist climate change agenda through controlling banks has earned her plenty of enemies inside the Biden administration – especially from the FDIC board where she’s the lone Trump appointee.

She called FDIC board members out for undermining her in a Wall Street Journal op-ed last month.

“Of the 20 chairmen who preceded me at the FDIC, nine faced a majority of the board members from the opposing party, including Mr. Gruenberg as chairman under President Trump until I replaced him as chairman in 2018,” McWilliams wrote. “Never before has a majority of the board attempted to circumvent the chairman to pursue their own agenda.”

In the wake of McWilliams’ resignation, leftists are trying to pretend there’s nothing rotten going on behind the scenes when the FDIC board went behind her back to vote on an important policy last month.

“This wrangle began because McWilliams fought the board majority’s desire to grapple with the harms of bank mergers,” said Carter Dougherty, spokesman for Americans for Financial Reform, told The Wall Street Journal. “That work needs to continue, no matter who heads the FDIC.”

But McWillams insists there’s something much more shady afoot.

“This conflict isn’t about bank mergers. If it were, board members would have been willing to work with me and the FDIC staff rather than attempt a hostile takeover of the FDIC internal processes, staff and board agenda.”

Considering that McWilliams has expressed support for decentralized finance options like crypto currencies – including Bitcoin – it’s likely central controllers couldn’t wait to drive her out of Washington, D.C.

It’s well known in banking communities that Biden’s administration is aggressively pushing climate change policies by controlling the purse strings of the entire world.

American Banker reported in October that “Federal Reserve Board Governor Lael Brainard said the central bank will subject financial institutions to ‘scenario analysis’ of their climate-related risks, a process that the Fed says is distinct from traditional stress tests.”’

In other words, radical environmentalists are taking over our money supply.

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency has already announced it’s joining an international organization called the Network of Central Banks and Supervisors for Greening the Financial System.

We can only hope they don’t manage to destroy our financial system before Joe Biden and his nightmare of an entourage is kicked out of office.

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