One of Republicans’ top billionaire mega donors just eviscerated Mitch McConnell for this massive 2022 Midterms failure

Considering all of the crises Joe Biden and Democrats have forced on America, the 2022 Midterms should be a cakewalk for Republicans.

But with less than two months until Election Day, establishment Republicans seem determined to tank the Party’s chances to take back control of Congress.

And one of Republicans’ top billionaire mega donors just eviscerated Mitch McConnell for this massive 2022 Midterms failure.

No plan whatsoever

Anyone with even a semblance of political instincts can easily recognize that Republicans’ best strategy for taking back control of Congress in November’s Midterm elections is to make the election a referendum on President Joe Biden and Democrats’ failures and extremist agenda.

But while keeping the focus on Democrat failures is undoubtedly the right strategy, that doesn’t mean Republicans will win simply for existing.

Republicans still need to develop some sort of messaging other than “we’re not Democrats,” and an actual plan for how they will fix all of the issues Joe Biden and Democrats have created.

Yet, with the clock ticking on the Midterm elections, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and the rest of the Republican establishment elite, have instead focused on attacking and abandoning Republican nominees who defeated the establishment’s preferred candidates in the primaries.

In fact, Senator McConnell has even gone so far as to wave the white flag on Republicans winning back the Senate, all but declaring Democrats the winners of the 2022 Midterms before a single ballot had been cast in the General Election.

Now, PayPal co-founder, conservative libertarian, and Republican billionaire mega donor Peter Thiel is blasting McConnell and establishment Republicans for their utter incompetence.

“It’s so easy, so ridiculous to denounce, but . . .”

Speaking at the National Conservatism Conference over the weekend, Thiel criticized Republicans for lacking any sort of message on what they support to sell to voters.

Thiel rightly pointed out that while Republicans should oppose the “ridiculous” left-wing extremism of Democrats, they do still have to offer a real alternative other than simply not being Democrats.

“The temptation on our side is always going to be that all we have to do is say that we’re not California,” Thiel explained. “It is just such an ugly picture – the homeless poop, people pooping all over the place, it’s the ridiculous rat-infested apartments that don’t work anymore, it’s the woke insanities – there’s so much that it feels like shooting fish in a barrel. It’s so easy, so ridiculous to denounce.”

“But . . . should we maybe have more of a positive message?” he asked.

Thiel went on to rip the current Republican leadership’s failures in the current Midterm election cycle, highlighting the fact that Republicans are doing far worse than in 1994 or 2010, when Republicans scored major Midterm victories.

“My scoring on the [2022] cycle is that we’re doing even less well than ‘94 with the Contract for America. We’re doing less well than 2010, the Tea Party stuff,” Thiel explained, before adding that “we’re leaning way too far into pure nihilistic negation.”

As a solution, Thiel suggested that Republicans have to be more than just the Party against “woke stuff” by building a large coalition that is focused on delivering economic growth that benefits all Americans.

A possible blueprint for Republicans?

While Thiel ripped the failed leadership of Mitch McConnell and other Republican establishment elites without ever mentioning them by name, he did mention one Republican by name, albeit in a much different light.

The billionaire pointed to Florida and Governor Ron DeSantis as one of the Republicans who is fighting the “woke stuff,” while also being laser focused on actual tangible policy that is a true alternative to left-wing extremism.

“DeSantis in Florida is probably the best of the Governors in terms of offering a real alternative to California,” Thiel declared.

Interestingly, while being one of Republicans’ top donors nationwide, Thiel has yet to make a donation to DeSantis, as the Republican Governor is currently enjoying a comfortable lead in polls and has $140 million on hand to utilize in the closing weeks of his campaign, if needed.

Instead, Thiel has been focused on helping fill the void created after Mitch McConnell abandoned Trump-endorsed Republican Senate candidates in battleground states, like Arizona’s Blake Masters, who previously served as the Chief Operating Officer for Thiel Capital.

When Republicans’ billionaire donors are having to do the job of the “Republican leadership” by helping to elect all Republicans nationwide, there’s a major problem within the Party.

And that problem undoubtedly begins and ends with the utter incompetence of Mitch McConnell and Republican establishment elites.

They have failed Republicans, conservatives, and America as a whole, just as Democrats have.

Yet, they continue to call the shots, even when all they’re doing is shooting Republicans in the foot.

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