One Republican Senator just dropped a total truth bomb on the radical Left

These days it seems like more and more politicians are bowing down to “woke” leftists.

But not all politicians are cowering before the woke outrage mob.

And this one Republican Senator just dropped a total truth bomb on the radical Left.

Over the past couple of decades, political correctness has morphed into this giant, ugly phenomenon known as “wokeism.”

Whether it be doing away with the gender of Mr. Potato head, or canceling iconic syrup bottles, the radical Left is on an all-out witch hunt to find each and every aspect of American culture that scares them, with the ultimate goal of canceling it.

The most accurate comparison to this all-out crusade against American culture is most likely the Maoist cultural revolution during the Communist revolution in China, which saw countless aspects of ancient Chinese culture erased in the name of Marxism.

Corporations and politicians across the land are quick to bow down to these modern-day Marxist revolutionaries due to fears that they might be next on the far-left’s hit list, even if it means pretending to believe that men can get pregnant and that five-year-olds should be taught sexual education.

But thankfully, not everyone has been brainwashed by this dangerous woke cult.

One of those people is none other than Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana.

Kennedy has a long record of calling out the radical Left and their extreme woke agenda.

And just the other day on Fox News’ The Ingraham Angle, Senator Kennedy doubled down on his stance against wokeism.

Kennedy told Laura Ingraham that “The wokers also hate America, and they want to beat the crap out of it. And the wokers think they are smarter and more virtuous than the rest of us.”


Everything the far-left believes centers around one common thing – deep-rooted hatred for the United States and everything the United States stands for.

That is why the woke leftist movement is so dangerous.

Sure, it starts with canceling things that may not seem so serious, but before long every aspect of American culture will be wiped clean.

This cannot be allowed to happen, which is why ensuring that more elected officials like Senator Kennedy are elected in positions of power so that they can take on woke America.

In November, Americans across the nation have the chance to do just that.

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