One statistic just came out about America that struck leftists with fear

Many leftists were parading around on the regime media right after the Midterm elections as the results came in. 

But their celebrations were short lived. 

And one statistic just came out about America that struck leftists with fear.

This past Tuesday, Democrats were bracing for impact. 

They knew that due to their policies and due to the fact that they’re ruining this nation that they were going to be eradicated in many Congressional and State races. 

The Left Escapes Defeat

But shockingly that didn’t pan out. 

Sure, Democrats very likely lost the House and still might lose the Senate

But to Democrats, this is a win as they’re still on the playing field. 

So you can see why Democrats were celebrating after the election. 

Their fear of a red tsunami never panned out. 

But there’s still one thing that the Left fears in this nation – and that’s an armed citizenry. 

Because every time leftists take power, they push through their radical agenda further down the crapper and closer to the ultimate goal of a leftist socialist dystopia. 

And they know there’s a limit to how far they can go before Americans take action to defend themselves and their families as needed. 

The founding fathers knew, freedom can only be maintained by armed citizens as the government sooner or later will become tyrannical as it’s only human nature. 

So that’s why this one statistic has stricken leftist with fear. 

According to gun purchase data, the American people are still buying firearms at a record pace.

Americans Have Their Own Insurance Plan

Records show that if the pace of firearm purchases continue, this will be the third highest firearm selling year in our nation’s history. 

And the only two years to beat this year’s sales will be 2020 and 2021. 

The amounts of firearms sold in the United States over the past three years are staggering, in a good way. 

Just in 2021 alone, nineteen million firearms were sold within the United States. 

To put that number into perspective, in a 2018 survey it was reported that the United States military only possessed around four and a half million firearms. 

So now you can see why the Left will always sleep with one eye open as they try to ram through their radical anti-American agenda down Americans’ throats. 

And you can also see why they are so eager to disarm the American people as well. 

Fewer firearms and fewer armed citizens means fewer people who can defend themselves against their policies. 

But if that doesn’t work, we can all guess that the Left thinks they still will have a fighting chance with the military. 

As Biden has hinted at in the past, it’s hard to take one a fighter jet with a firearm. 

But hopefully the American people won’t be pushed into a corner to the point where we have to test out the Left’s last line of defense. 

Is an armed populous good for America?