One teen just detailed a horrifying shark attack as Americans prepare for summer

Chaloklum Diving, CC BY 3.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

Millions of Americans will hit the beach this summer. 

Sunblock and shade can help protect you from the sun, but nothing can protect you from the beasts that may lurk in the surf.  

And one teen just detailed a horrifying shark attack as Americans prepare for summer. 

This terrifying shark attack has beachgoers everywhere on edge 

Millions of Americans live near the coast. 

But those who don’t live on the coast often travel very long distances to enjoy the beach.

Doctors urge beachgoers to wear sunscreen in order to prevent sunburn and skin cancer.   

Staying hydrated is also a good idea. 

However, one danger lurks in the surf that nobody can accurately predict. 

Sharks inhabit the waters on both coasts, presenting an ever-present danger to swimmers. 

Just last week, a shark attacked a 19-year-old named Damiana Humphrey during a family vacation in Galveston, Texas. 

Humphrey spoke out to FOX26 Houston about her attack. 

She told FOX26 that right after she waded in the water, she started to turn back towards shore  when “a shark grabbed ahold of my hand.”

“I looked down and there was a shark attached to my hand, so I guess I started punching it. That part is kind of blurry to me,” the shaken 19-year-old added. 

The shark eventually let go of Humphrey, allowing her to run to shore and get medical attention. 

Fortunately, she only suffered four torn tendons in her hand as a result of the bite.

Although these torn tendons will give her some pain, she is expected to make a full recovery. 

First responders could not identify the species of shark, however, Bull Sharks, Sharpnose Sharks, and Bonnethead Sharks all inhabit the area. 

These sharks rarely attack humans, especially during the day. 

Any shark fisherman will tell you that sharks, especially those along the coast, often come out at night to feed.  

Although the attack on Damiana Humphrey is flat-out terrifying, the vast majority of beach goers have nothing to worry about. 

Tips for avoiding a shark attack include avoiding night swims and staying close to shore. 

Most Americans have much bigger concerns than shark attacks 

Every summer, Americans hear about shark attacks and go into a panic. 

However, statistics show that Americans have much more dangerous things to worry about. 

Crime has exploded all across America, putting innocent people in harm’s way. 

In many American cities, people have a much greater chance of a hoodlum assaulting them or robbing them than they do getting bit by a shark at Coney Island. 

To make matters worse, lawmakers in cities like New York do not seem to care about rising crime and view it as a Republican talking point. 

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