One Texas church is prepared to fight back against the cultural degradation of traditional values

Michael Barera, CC BY-SA 4.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

Christianity in America is struggling as many mainstream denominations cave to the woke crowd.

Some pastors seem to be convinced that the only way to survive is to embrace cultural change.

But one Texas church is prepared to fight back against the cultural degradation of traditional values.

United Methodist Conference makes major change following massive losses

The United Methodist Conference has been purging member churches in recent years. 

Some commentators have said that it stems from their hardline religious perspectives on marriage. 

In 2019, the Conference passed a rule that would allow its member churches to leave if they were unhappy with the leadership.

Over 7,000 churches have since decided to disassociate themselves from the governing body.

More than 5,000 churches left in 2023. 

Now the Conference has decided that the only chance for its survival is to cave to the woke mob.

On May 2, United Methodist delegates voted to eliminate a rule that prohibited the practice of same-sex marriages in their churches. 

The guidance previously stated that these marriages were “incompatible with Christian teaching.” 

Going forward they will allow marriage between “any two people of faith.”

Highland Park pastor promises to uphold traditional values at “worship facilities”

Highland Park United Methodist is a prominent church in Dallas, Texas, and home to President George W. Bush. 

Senior Pastor Reverend Paul Rasmussen wasted no time in responding to the rule change affecting the broader Methodist Church. 

Rasmussen made it clear that it “is neither an invitation nor a mandate for us to change from the church that we have always been.” 

“For 108 years, through 13 different senior ministers, Highland Park has always maintained the traditional definition and understanding of Christian marriage within our worship facilities,” he said proudly.

The pastor went on to assure his congregation and his community that this will not change. 

“We are going to continue to uphold the traditional definition of marriage in our worship venues,” he continued.

Rasmussen then took a turn in another direction, and it became clear that he was talking out of both sides of his mouth.

Leader will allow his clergy to make decisions “based on their conscience”

Rasmussen said that it was important to continue their traditional position as a “big tent centrist church.” 

Despite the promise to continue to only perform traditional marriages in their worship centers, ministers would be allowed to perform any marriages “based on their conscience” outside of the church.

“We’ve always been open and affirming to our friends and neighbors in the LGBTQ community even though we’ve honored and upheld the traditional definition of marriage when it comes to ceremonies,” he said. 

And the pastor believes that the question of same-sex marriage is political, not Biblical.

“We have people who earnestly pursue an understanding of God through the scriptures who are both on the progressive side and the conservative side,” he asserted. 

“Now for the first time, our clergy, if by conscience they elect to, will be allowed to serve young men and women in our church who were born here, baptized here, confirmed here” regardless of their sexual orientation. 

Rasmussen believes it was a “very good thing” for the Conference to make this move.

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