One Texas influencer just did something extremely horrible for the clicks and views

AnonMoos based on image by Darwinek, CC BY-SA 3.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

From TikTok to Instagram, it seems like influencers are popping up on social media platforms by the thousands.

Most of these influencers post content in order to get sponsorships or subscriptions that line their pockets.

But one Texas influencer just did something extremely horrible for the clicks and views.

Influencer convinces stranger who can’t swim to jump into lake

A Kick streamer named Natalie Reynolds allegedly convinced a stranger who could not swim to dive into a Texas lake.

She’s also accused of running away once the woman starts to struggle and cry out for help.

The influencer supposedly paid the woman $20 to dive into the lake as part of a scavenger hunt for content.

Reynolds livestreamed the incident at Lady Bird Lake in Austin, where she told the woman to “just jump in.”

The woman jumped headfirst into the water and then told Reynolds that “you said it was OK, you told me to jump in.”

The streamer laughed it off and said “no I didn’t” as her friends argued that she actually did tell the woman to dive into the water.

However, the fun and games ended as soon as the woman yelled that she was struggling to get out of the water.

That’s when the influencer started to flee.

The woman can be heard yelling “I can’t swim, I can only float.”

Her friends tell her that the situation is “really bad” and she starts to tear up.

“Stop, seriously, you’re actually freaking me out. I’m going to f****** kill myself. She says she’s drowning,” Reynolds said.

The clip finishes with Reynolds and her pals driving away just as a fire truck pulls up to render aid.

According to the Austin Fire Department, firefighters were called to Lady Bird Lake to provide medical assistance to a person who was pulled out of the water.

The details of the incident and the woman’s condition were unclear at the time of publication.

Streamer faces massive backlash

In earlier footage, Reynolds allegedly offered the woman $20 to jump into the water to retrieve an item as part of the scavenger hunt.

Afterward, she defended her actions by saying that the woman first approached her.

She also waved off criticism and scoffed that the incident would be forgotten in a week.

However, she’s facing major backlash on social media.

X power user Colin Rugg called her “human scum.”

Another social media user wrote that “people taking advantage of vulnerable people are actually the worst kind of people they are. Predatory behavior. For what? Likes? Clickbaits? Views!?”

Several people even suggested that Reynolds should be arrested for what she did.

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